Fantastic Home Remedies for Chapped & Dry Lips


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1. Food and Drink Remedies

They are the most common home remedies for chapped lips out there and you can get them all straight from your refrigerator or tap. It is important to drink lots of water, not only for your cracked lips, but also for your general health and skin. Try to drink at least eight glasses per day. It will hydrate your entire body plus help with keeping your lips retain moisture.

Having proper proportions of milk and dairy products can alleviate the problem as well. Their rich magnesium and calcium sources can benefit your lips in the long run if taken consistently.

Often people suffer from dry lips because they are not getting the proper amount of daily vitamin intake in their diet. Eating a variety of fruits filled with natural vitamins can help keep your body hydrated at appropriate levels. The dose of vitamins you receive from fruit is just as good - if not better - than taking a multivitamin.

2. Natural Remedy Alternatives

The best home remedies for chapped lips are "over the counter" natural lubricants that you can find at a herbalist shop or pharmacy. Aloe Vera is a great remedy for any type of skin ailment and can work very effectively on dry lips. Sometimes it doesn't last long on your skin and you must keep applying it to keep them moist so you could try adding some Vaseline to it.

Coconut oil is another useful remedy that you can apply frequently to keep your lips moist. Another mixture you could try is taking a bit of honey and Vaseline; apply the combination to your chapped lips for about ten minutes then rinse it off with a towel or cotton ball.

3. More Home Remedies for Chapped Lips

There are a number of lubricants and moisturizers you can use to treat chapped lips, but sometimes the best remedies are preventative ones. Get at the problem before it starts by making sure that your living and work environments are kept at appropriate humidity levels. If you live in a particularly dry and cold area, try plugging in a humidifier in your room or work area. It will help keep your skin moist and prevents damage done to your skin.

It is also important to avoid licking your lips continuously. Some people have a bad habit of doing it continuously and it can cause cracks or dryness - even if done inadvertently. Another thing that can cause chapped lips is over-consumption of alcohol and caffeine. Both substances reduce moisture and water levels in the body so be careful not to drink too much. Remember everything is better in moderation.

If home remedies for chapped lips don't solve the problem then it would be wise to visit a dermatologist. The doctor can prescribe medicine for your troubled lips and offer more advice if you need it -     Paul W Young

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