Unusual Home Remedy For Wrinkled Neck


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We are ready to take all kinds of special measures to get rid of those. We apply anti-aging creams and lotion, take dermatologists' help and read all kinds of beauty advice columns to get rid of wrinkles and reduce their appearance. But what we forget is that wrinkles appear on other parts of our body as well especially on our neck! So what happens is that we manage to reduce wrinkles in our face but the wrinkles in our neck remain in place making us look older than we actually are. But it can be avoided some very basic home remedies for wrinkled neck. Do them diligently and you will have not only a youthful face but a plain wrinkle free neck as well. 
Exfoliation Scrub Made Of Sugar
When you exfoliate your skin, you remove surface layers of the skin where dead skin cells, dirt, impurities and excess oil accumulate. The same happens to your neck. If you don't apply any home remedies for wrinkled neck in time, these dead skin cells will make the neck look much wrinkled and dry than it actually is. But do the exfoliation as gently as possible so that you don't scrape or hurt the skin. The best scrub you can get in your home is sugar. The granules in sugar are small and rounded making them perfect to buff off dead skin cells but without harming your skin. To make the sugar glide easily on your neck, combine it with other substances like honey and massage in onto your skin with slow circular motion. Keep it for five minutes and then rinse off with warm water. Do this exfoliation only once a week and not more.
Acidic Compresses
One of the great home remedies for wrinkled neck is acidic compresses. By applying products that are rich in vitamin C to your neck, you will not only tighten and tone the neck skin, but will also boost the skin there to produce new skin cells. Look into citric juices like lime or lemon juice to get hold of a source of Vitamin C. After exfoliation the skin, apply this citric juice with a small washcloth to your neck. Keep the juice-soaked cloth on the neck for the next 10 to 15 minutes by which time, the skin around the neck will be rejuvenated by the acids and vitamin C in the juice. You can do this up to three times a day.
Neck Mask Of Olive Oil
The next step to your home remedies for wrinkled skin involves a mask made of olive oil. After you have sufficiently exfoliated your neck skin and applied the acidic compress to it, now hydrate your neck with an emollient oil to make sure you skin is soft but not with clogged pores. Since the times of ancient Greek and Romans, olive oil has been the moisturizing agent for us and is still best to play this role. It will keep you neck skin supple and moist and just a dime-size is enough for that. All you have to do is massage this oil deeply onto your neck and let it be absorbed by the skin. As the nutritional value of olive oil is quite high, use it as many times as you want on your skin depending on your need. shared this article.

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