Surefire Ways To Get Rid Of Love Handles!


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It is said that the surest way to get rid of love handles is through exercise, but this point can also be argued, because there are no specific exercises designed for getting rid of love handles. The simplest solution is a combination of diet and exercise, because a love handle is just an accumulation of fat on a specific part of the body, usually around the stomach. In men it is more noticeable at the sides of the body, whereas in women it is the stomach that develops these love handles. Love handles are supposed to be hereditary, so it depends on your genes, some people may acquire them while others remain trim.

There is a surgical procedure called liposuction which is a plastic surgery technique for removing fat from the body, and is used in conjunction with other plastic surgery to remove love handles and other body fats from various parts of the body such as the abdomen. It is also used to remove what is commonly called “double breast” in women which is located under the upper arms. Excess body fat cells are surgically removed through what is called a “cannula” which is a stainless steel suction tube. Liposuction is supposed to be one of the safest and fastest procedures to remove love handles and other body fat cells.

Liposuction surgery has a subtle and lasting effect and some of its main benefits include improved health due to fat loss, improved personal appearance and it is also known to reduce cellulite. losing weight can have a great impact on your overall health, so whether you decide to diet or to have surgery to remove that annoying excess body fat, you are most likely going to feel better about yourself both mentally and physically.

Fat cells like every other cell in the body have a specific function that is needed in order to maintain overall health and wellbeing. The functions of fat cells are to store any unused energy from food that we eat which is used for insulation in cold weather, shock absorption and is also a source of energy fuel when the body requires it, such as when we are sick, or fatigued. The way our body stores fat is determined by genetics, it simply depends on what type of body you have.Sarah H  shared this article.

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