3 Surefire Tips To Lose Hip fat


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Curvy is one thing; but more often than not, accumulating a fatty lifesaver around your midsection down to your thighs can not only be unsightly but downright unhealthy as well. Besides, no one ever really felt comfortable carrying extra unwanted poundage around the hip area. 

And the worst thing is: having too many adipose tissues or fatty deposits in this part of the body can eventually lead to heart ailments and other life threatening medical conditions. So if you are looking into the various ways on how to lose fat hips through dieting, here are a few pointers.

1. Go organic. Nothing can make your adipose tissues develop faster than living on a pre-packaged, processed, and sugar-filled diet. Most of the processed foods found in grocery aisles these days are stuffed with extenders (over refined carbohydrates,) preservatives (chemicals) and flavoring agents (very high levels of salt and sugar.) And let's not even start with the food items they serve in fast food joints.

In order to lose fat hips, you need to consciously stay away from all these. The best way to do so is to follow meal plans that use mostly -- or if possible, only fresh ingredients. This way, you are sure that you do not eat fat inducing extenders and preservatives; and that you can monitor exactly how much salt and sugar you are putting into your food.

2. Cheat! Although this may sound contrary to your efforts to lose fat hips, there are various ways on how you can still eat your favorite foods while losing weight. For example: in your bid to lessen butter consumption (say no to margarine, by the way,) you might want to put the softened spread under the hand mixer for several minutes. This incorporates more air into the butter making it look more voluminous. So when you apply measured portions on your breads, you are actually consuming less.

Another way to lose fat hips through cheating is by using sugar substitutes or going for sugar free options. You still get your sweets without really triggering hunger responses or unwanted food cravings. Another cheat tip is to go whole grain always. White flour is already considered as an over refined product, which is not a great food item to consume if you want to lose fat hips in a hurry. So instead of depriving yourself of carbohydrates which you will need to sustain brain health, go for wholegrain and dark breads, grains and pasta instead.

3. Try snacking more on veggies and fruits. True enough: nothing seems more commonplace than reaching for snacks in between meals. But the mere practice of snacking can make it look like you are storing everything in your hips. Instead of culling the habit altogether (which is almost always impossible,) you ought to try reaching for fresh fruits or pre-cut vegetables. These have almost 22% to 99% less fat than one chocolate chip cookie or one can of soda - Allan Michael Taylor

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