Worried with brittle and pale Nails - Home remedies


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Like hair the condition of your nails is a good indication of your general health. Your nails should be a pink color - due to the blood vessel below the nail. You can tell you a lot from looking at fingernail about whether you have a heart, thyroid, digestive or even fungal disorder.

What you can tell from your nails problems

    Pale, brittle nails, spoon-shaped or with ridges down the length may be due to nutritional deficiencies, such as calcium, zinc and iron and with too much selenium.

    Slow nail growth can result from general malnourishment.

    Brittle nails from a deficiency of biotin.

    Thick, distorted or flakey fingernails may be due to a fungal overgrowth on the nail.

    White spots on your nails are often due to a vitamin or mineral deficiency, particularly zinc.

    Nails that are brittle and separate easily from your nail beds, along with dry skin, always feeling cold and hair that is brittle and falling out could indicate that you have a problem with your thyroid gland.

    Whitish hue at base of fingernails suggests that you may have liver trouble.

    Bluish nails indicates that you aren't getting enough oxygen.

What you can do about nail problems

Your nails are a reflection of your general health so it is important to work on improving your health. The fist place to start is to remove as many toxins from your body as you can. The build up of toxins in your system will lead to many diseases including those of the circulatory, immune, digestive and liver and hormones. These will all contribute to poor nails.

Vitamin and mineral supplements

    Vitamin A is necessary for nail growth and to assist in the repair of the nail bed.

    Vitamin B2 promotes healthy nails and is needed for the nails to be formed.

    Vitamin C boosts overall health and is involved making the protein component of nails. Deficiencies of vitamin C are associated with deformed nails.

    Biotin strengthens keratin (the protein from which nails are formed).

    Calcium helps to make nails strong.

    Iodine improves nail condition.

    Iron deficiencies can cause nail to be brittle, pale and have ridges.

    Magnesium is necessary for repair and maintenance of the nail bed and therefore nail health. It also helps calcium do its job.

    Zinc is necessary for healing and is crucial for nail growth.

Other nutrients and herbs

    Omega 3 oils contain essential fatty acids that are vital for nail health.

    Omega 6 oils strengthen nails.

    Acidophilus will assist in fighting fungal infections that effect nails, as will tea tree oil applied externally to the affected nail. If you have a fungus affected nails you can also soak your fingers in a mixture of warm pacu d'arco and goldenseal tea for 15 minutes a day.

    Garlic will help to improve the blood flow to the nail bed and this will improve the growth or nails. It will also assist in the fight against any infections, including fungal infections.

    Ginkgo Biloba improves the circulation which will increase the nutrients that are available for nail health.

    Milk thistle (silybum marianum) will assist to detoxify your liver and bloodstream.

    Aloe vera will help to cleanse and heal the digestive tract.

Eating certain foods will assist in improving your general health as well as the health of your nails. These foods include:

    salmon, mackerel and sardines

    nuts and seeds

    green leafy vegetables and fresh fruit

    chicken and eggs


You need to avoid the following:

    animal fats which stimulate the production of free radicals which deplete your general health and this is reflected in your nails sugar or refined carbohydrates because fungi thrive on then

    processed foods, and fried greasy foods

    whenever possible, avoid drugs, alcohol, caffeine and oral contraceptives as they all place a strain on the liver

    If you smoke you need to quit. Smoking contributes to poorer overall health, including poor quality nails.

Your nails are a reflection of your general health - the healthier your are the better your nails will be. By taking care of your health - eating well, having vitamin and minerals supplements and detoxifying your body - you will be taking care of your nails-Dr Jenny Tylee 

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