The Main Reasons For Ageing Signs On Face


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If ageing is unavoidable and will happen to all of us, then why the wonder a cold panic flows down our spines even at mere mention of it? May be it’s got something weird to impose that bothers us. But when we decide to cool-mindedly take on it, first startlingly and later in a satisfying manner, we come to realize that that’s not it. Actually it’s not ageing, but untimely ageing which we’ve got problem with and if it is face that’s getting affected, the worries do multiply. Now, obviously, unnatural ageing refers to a faulty lifestyle.

A variety of factors do plot against our body and, more interestingly, we barely recognize all of them. Some of them have immediate effect on our skin and some leave impact quite gradually. Some factors have direct effects whereas others affect indirectly. Mainly, our daily routine is to be held responsible for poor health and untimely ageing. Still, there are so many other reasons responsible for this. Let’s give a probing thought to it and fetch something worthwhile out:

Smoking Habit: Smoking is responsible for ageing! You’ll not want to accept it. Also, you’ll try to support your doubt by asking what smoking has to do with ageing. It’s a lot to do with it but. The most prominent sign of ageing is wrinkles. Actually, cigarette smoke leads to the scarcity of Vitamin C in the body. Since Vitamin C helps skin maintain moisture, it can easily be understood that its lack will cause dryness and wrinkles on face. Direct and indirect smoking has equal negative effects on skin.    

Exposure to Sun: Sun-exposed skin can be pointed out easily. The characteristic brown spots speak it all. The tanned skin attains rough and leathery look. It is essential to take protection against sun as there are harmful rays (like ultraviolet) reflecting from it. They’ve quite adverse effects on skin and can lead to cancer even. It’s wise to always apply a reliable sun-screen like Lifecell Face Cream whenever going out.

Missing Physical Workout: Lethargic body fails to maintain its tone, blood flow gets disturbed and muscles develop lumps. Due to the lack of energy, vitality disappears and ageing signs on face are apparent. Idle body is easily vulnerable to overweight and skin starts to fold and wrinkles multiply quickly.

Insufficient Sleep: Now comes an increasingly life affecting factor which directly implies to today’s hectic life. Nothing reflects on face as briskly and quickly as lack of sleep does. Dark circles are the best example. Lack of sleep not only results in loss of memory but depression also.

Stress and Excess of Alcohol: Modern age is full of stress and most of us consider alcohol (what’s utterly illogical) to be the biggest stress-buster. Excess of alcohol helps small blood vessels increase in the body. These blood vessels increase the flow of blood on the skin surface. Due to this, the dead vessels are more and give the skin a rough look.Carol shared this article.

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