How To Remove Blackheads Using Simple Tools


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People who have been irritated with recurrence of acne and blackheads would normally feel embarrassed and annoyed. If you are one of them, this article will give you some tips on how to remove blackheads and acne.

Acne and blackheads are usually prone to teenagers because their skin has an over-active sebaceous gland that causes this recurrence. What happens is that the pores of the skin are clogged with too much oil and dirt that comes from pollution, germs, and others. As the plugs harden due to oil and dirt, these pugs turn black in color and then become blackheads. These are the major factors of the causes of blackheads, and to help you on how to remove blackheads, read the tips below.

Follow these steps if you want to remove those blackheads and acne:

* Use the inner ink tube of a pen.
* The end of the tube will be your key tool. Press it on the blackheads and twist it from left to right.
* The blackheads will then pop out.
* Get an ice pack and put it on the area where the blackheads popped-out. The ice will help close the pores.

Your blackheads will definitely be removed with this method, and if you need to do it again, you now know what to do.

Blackhead Pens

You are probably thinking if this pen method is safe to use for the removal of blackheads. If you want to go on the safe side, you can avail blackhead pens from your beauty shops in town. This will help you ensure that the tool you are using is safe to use, clean, and hygienic.

Other Blackhead Removal Methods That You Can Do At Home

To remove blackheads, you would normally do regular face wash or scrub, but there are times hard blackheads would not go away. Here are some more tips on how to remove blackheads for you to follow.

Nose-Strip Method

* Wet your nose with a clean cloth. Allow your hands to dry.
* Get a Biore or a nose strip you have and rip the tabs off from the strip.
* Put the sticky side of the strip on your nose where the blackheads are located and wet your nose again with the cloth.
* After 10 minutes or when the strip is already dry and hard, remove it from your nose and the blackheads will come with it.

Facial Scrub Method

* Before applying facial scrub, wash your face first and rinse with clean water.
* While still wet, get some drops of facial scrub and lather it on your hands.
* To encourage exfoliation,, massage the skin with the scrub.
* After a few minutes of massage, rinse it with water. Repeat the procedure if necessary. This method is a very easy way on how to remove blackheads.

Waxing at Salon

Another method on how to remove blackheads is the use of wax. Although some would think that wax can enhance the growth of black hair on the face, this is contradicted by experts. To prove it, most beauticians use wax in their salon whenever customers request blackheads removal service. So if you want experts to do it on your nose, go to a salon.

Other tips on how to remove blackheads successfully

* Use the nose strips once a week.
* Wait for it to dry on your nose before removing it.
* Your hands may not be clean so avoid touching your face frequently to avoid germs and dirt from irritating your face.

Now that you have read these tips, your acne and blackheads will surely.
Peter Skotnicky shared these tips.

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