Cure Blackheads Naturally - Very effective Home Remedies


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A blackhead is another form of acne which in other words is follicles with wider openings on the skin than the normal. A blackhead is also known as comedone, a non-inflammatory acne that appears with a black tip and is usually caused by overactive sebaceous glands. Blackheads can be seen mostly on the face, chest, back and other parts of the skin with sebaceous glands. Blackhead appears when the sebum and mashed off cell undergoes a chemical reaction; the residue formed in the follicle is what appears as blackheads on the skin.

What are Causes of Blackheads?

Blackheads are mainly caused by oily skin, poor hygiene and environmental pollution that leaves the skin dirty and blocks the pores.

Natural remedy for treating Blackheads:

No doubt there are many methods you can use to treat or remove blackheads on your skin but I will always recommend a simple natural remedy that has no side effect on your skin.

In removing blackheads care must be taken not to spread or infect the other parts of your skin which may cause more severe forms of acne called cysts. Spreading of blackhead to other non infected part is possible when you pick the affected area with your fingers or don't keep a good hygiene.

I will highlight some simple home remedies that you can easily use to fight your blackhead.

Using water has been the simplest and very effective way to remove blackheads. Just get a very clean smooth towel and dip in warm water. Place the towel over the area where the whitehead acne is found for a while. Please, do not scrub the towel over the affected area especially on the face as this may cause some redness. The warm water will softens the skin and help prevent scaring. Repeat this procedure until the skin is soft and warm.

Another simple but very effective method of clearing your blackheads is by using tree tea oil. Tree tea oil is a natural home remedy for all forms of acne treatment. Apply one drop of it to the affected area where the blackhead acne had been. Apply one to three times per day to help prevent acne or treat acne.

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