9 Steps To Loose weight 2-4 Kg In 10 Days


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Are you overweight? Are you fully aware of what being overweight means? If yes then you must be sure of problems related to it include issues like high Blood pressure, diabetes, pain in knees and many other issues. One could follow simple everyday steps which would help you in losing weight. The result may vary from individual to individual.

1. Make a schedule, give place to proper sleep. A sound sleep of 6-7 hours is necessary. It activates your metabolism.

2. Try to avoid fried and oily things. If you cook try to eat boiled food then fried.

3. Eat lots of fruits; you may avoid banana and mango. Kiwi, Apples; Cheery; Watermelon helps you reduce weight.

4. Eat at least 8-9 glasses of water daily. Please do not drink more than 10-12 glasses in any case; over drinking of water may cause issues related to nervous system; less drinking of water affects digestion process and metabolism.

5. You may take a long piece of wet cotton cloth (in cold water) and tie it around your waist; (Make sure it is not too tight); It helps in controlling the urge for food; Just do it for 30-40minutes daily.

6. Whenever you feel like eating; try to eat lots of fibers;

7. Never escape your three meals of the day; Do not have dinner after 7pm in evening; If by chance you are not able to make it by 7 pm. Just mix milk (if with fat) with water in ratio of 1:3 and drink it. If you use doubled tone milk just have a glass of it as it is. Night meals or dinner should never be escaped. As it leads to degradation of elements (Micro and Major Nutrition elements in body according to Ayurveda). So one should have something as nutritious as milk.

8. Please take out some time to do basic stretching exercise everyday for 30-40 minutes approx. Avoid sugar for better results;

9. Especially for girls of age 15-20. If you see hair on your chin or breast and your menstrual cycle is not proper please meet a specialized doctor as you may be suffering from hormonal issues.
Kelly Marlen shared these tips.

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