Unique Methods for Removing Blackheads


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Blackhead removal is an age-old issue that people from all walks of life have to deal with on a regular basis. Millions around the world are simply affected with this annoying condition and they are on a constant search for good ways of squeezing out blackheads.

Blackhead Removal - The Best Approach to It

Blackheads, to begin with are not really a sign of typical poor hygiene, although your failure to keep your face washed and cleaned will only aggravate the condition. Squeezing blackheads out is crucial since the condition is an ongoing process in many cases, even if people are being diligent in skin care. This type of skin problem is commonly manifested on the nose, the cheeks and the chin where the oily sebum is produced.

Having an oily skin, improper hygiene and the pollution that lingers around are the primary perpetrators of this condition. The idea of blackhead removal treatment is better understood if we dig around deeper into their world. Blackheads occur whenever wider than normal hair follicles are clogged with sloughed-off skin cells and especially sebum. And whenever these residues make contact with air, they oxidize, thereby creating a black color.

Blackhead removal or treatment can be easily accomplished with several, proven methods. You can look around pharmacies and even grocery stores for commercially prepared creams and medications designed for blackhead removal and treat acne in general. You can also utilize natural blackhead removal approaches if you want something safe without worrying about unwanted side effects. You should know that commercial creams and strong prescription drugs are not the only alternatives available in the market these days.

Blackhead Removal - Natural Approaches

Honey is known since ages ago as a natural and soothing skin treatment also capable of acting as a natural moisturizer. Many find it very effective when utilized in natural skin regimens aimed at eliminating blackheads and improving the skin's look and texture at the same time. Try dabbing a quarter of a cup of honey each night into your face. Wash your face first before applying honey into your skin just like you would in a facial mask. Leave it on for about twenty minutes before washing it off thoroughly using warm water. This natural blackhead removal approach will work effectively if you commit yourself to it.

You can also try out organic honey mixed with a teaspoon of ground cinnamon to form a pasty material. Apply to the affected area twice in each day until your skin clears. The paste works in a gentle way to break down the oily sebum that hardened through time.

Many people have also discovered a specific and especially effective blackhead removal technique simply by using facial washes concocted from lemon or lime. They just squeeze the juice from the lemon so they can apply it to the face and to the affected area. They wash their faces first with mild soaps and have it rinsed with warm water carefully before dabbing the affected areas with cotton balls dipped into the citrus juice. They let it on for about ten to fifteen minutes before rinsing. This is one natural blackhead removal method that really works.
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