How to erase wrinkles around lips ?? Best strategies to follow


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As you begin to grow older the indications of aging start to set in and some of the most visible changes take place in the skin on your face. One of those changes is the development of lines and mouth wrinkles in the perioral area which surrounds your mouth. 

If you are a woman then the lines and wrinkles can be deeper owing to female biology. Women have fewer blood vessels under the skin layers in this area and their muscle tissues are attached together in a distinctive manner than in males. The skin around your mouth gets thinner as time passes and your body will begin to decrease how much protective collagen it makes. Mouth wrinkles also develop because of all the repetitive actions that your mouth performs on a regular basis such as chewing and sucking.

You can find some preventative tips which can be done to help prevent wrinkles from forming around your mouth. Use a high quality, high spf factor sunscreen lotion when you are going to be outside because the uv rays from the sunlight can damage the skin around the lips and encourage mouth wrinkles to develop. Use a moisturizing cream several times a day, preferably one that includes the natural skin protector collagen. Give up smoking as it dries out and damages the skin around the mouth.
If in case you already have mouth wrinkles there are home remedies that can be used to help reduce them. You can find a wide variety of anti wrinkle skin creams on the market and some of them are quite useful. 

Do some research and find one that has ingredients that are proven to work. A couple of popular brands even offer a trial sample for you convenience and money back guarantee. Lip plumpers temporarily swell the mouth to reduce wrinkles and facial exercises are also becoming very popular for minimizing wrinkles and lines near the mouth and the eyes.
There are several different kinds of tools that are available that stimulate the skin layers through many methods in order to reduce wrinkles around the mouth and elsewhere on the face. A low level electric micro current is employed by micro current equipments so as to increase muscle firmness by stimulating them. The skin layers could be revitalized by removing a thin layer of it with the help of a micro dermabrasion machine, leaving the skin surface looking smooth and freed from wrinkles.
A more expensive option are the various types of dermal fillers and injections such as botox which can be employed effectively to remove mouth wrinkles as well as those around the eye area. Injectable muscle relaxants like Botox smooth away any wrinkles caused by the aging and sun damage by relaxing the muscles beneath the skin. Dermal fillers, usually containing collagen as their main ingredient, are used to fill out aging skin to make wrinkles disappear.

Nowadays laser treatment techniques have become extremely popular and they can also be employed for treating mouth wrinkles and will keep your wrinkles from returning for a long time. There are a couple of different types of lasers which can be used to get rid of wrinkles. The first is an ablative laser that is powerful and this procedure removes several layers of skin simultaneously. 

Modern cosmetic surgery does not employ these powerful lasers very often. Lately, non-ablative laser treatments are employed as they are a lot milder and eliminate wrinkles effectively while not taking away a lot of the surface skin, consequently recovery is faster. You need to seek advice from your doctor or a dermatologist to find out what treatment would work best for you.Sean Thomas shared this article.

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