Get Rid of Stretch Marks on upper thighs


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Stretch marks plague both men and women. How? The first appearance of stretch marks usually occurs during puberty. The reason behind this is that during this stage, a teen's body undergoes rapid growth and the skin is expanding at a very fast rate. Hormonal imbalances also contribute to the development of these marks.
Causes of Stretch Marks - Pregnant women are especially prone to this because in addition to an expanding body, their hormones also undergo changes. Men who work out or take steroids are also affected by stretch marks. Usually the marks appear on the abdomen and hips. Stretch marks that are found on the legs and arms will be easily seen by other people especially if you wear shorts or short sleeved shirts. 

Obesity also plays a major role in the development of stretch marks. What is a stretch mark? Stretch marks are actually considered to be skin scars. If it is hard to remove scars on the surface of the skin, imagine removing those that are found in the middle layer of the skin. This is what actually happens when stretch marks on your skin start to develop. The inner layer of the skin called the dermis has skin tissues that stretch and stretch when the body expands at a fast rate. Once the tissues have reached their stretching limit, they now begin to break and the stretch marks or scars start to appear. This also interrupts the production of collagen which makes things worse because collagen is the agent that heals tissues. Therefore, the skin can no longer heal itself. As was mentioned before, stretch marks can develop in the different parts of the body and the stretch marks on legs are one of the hardest to get rid of.  

How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks? Regular Exercise - Some stretch marks fade over time but most of them do not completely disappear. One of the most difficult stretch marks to remove is on the legs. If you have stretch marks on legs, you will need to do exercises like running and jogging. It is also important for you to eat the right foods so you can stay in your right weight. However, if you are too tired to do exercises everyday, there are more drastic treatments like undergoing surgery. Surgical Procedure - One of the more famous surgical procedure is the tummy tuck. This type of surgery is actually meant to remove stubborn fat from the abdomen but is now used to remove stretch marks as well. Although the results are satisfying but this method cannot be used for stretch marks on legs. Treatment through Laser - Laser treatment is a less painful and expensive procedure that can get rid of stretch marks on legs. 

However, there are risks involved in this method and it is important that the physician who administers it is highly trained and certified. If you fear taking risks and would like to spend less to remove stretch marks on legs, then using topical creams is the solution for you. 

Stretch Mark Creams - There is one cream in the market that uses all natural ingredients and none of those harsh chemicals. This solution can heal your tissues and stimulate collagen production.  Aside from making the stretch marks on legs disappear, the natural ingredients will make your skin more elastic and firm and prevent it from developing new scars.Maia Pells wrote this article

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