Different ways to get rid of cystic acne


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All of the above cystic acne information not only will help learn how to get rid of acne, but will make you healthier as well.

Topically: After washing with a mild soap, use tea tree antiseptic cream. It can be bought or ordered at a health food store. This acne remedy is very antibiotic, also it is incredibly anti-inflammatory so all the redness and swelling goes down and as a side effect it moisturizes and leaves your skin baby soft. This acne cure can be an absolute miracle for you and it is especially good for after shaving.

Internally: Eat as close to a natural foods diet as possible avoiding chemicals and preservatives and additives as much as you can. Never drink chlorine always drink lots and lots of filtered, distilled or spring waters. Always use a Laundry detergent that is free of perfumes and dyes. Normal scented detergents remain on the clothes after drying and we absorb the chemical scent through our skin and it aggravates our skin. Also absolutely never use fabric softener especially those poison dryer sheets.

Take garlic capsules with every meal, garlic is highly antibiotic and will eventually work better than all those Immune system compromising drug anti-biotic the MD's have been pushing on us. Also crush 1-2 fresh raw cloves and mix it in with each meal in plenty of food. The garlic must be raw not cooked. The pills work good but fresh, raw, crushed garlic with food is simply amazing.

Start using lots of extra virgin olive oil on everything, again raw. Pour it on salads, on pastas (after they are on your plate). This kind of food is like gold for your skin and liver. Heating it will turn it into toxic grease. Also deep fried foods have toxic grease so avoid them.

These therapies are two parts: Antibiotic both internal and external to kill off the infection which as you guessed is a major deep skin problem especially in the case of cystic acne. Also the therapies are purifying, when we have a toxic system the liver and Kidneys become taxed and clogged up and we throw off toxins through the sweat glands. While it’s the oil glands that plug up the sweat pores it’s the toxemia of the sweat glands and the Inability of the Liver to break down hormones that causes excess oil and a poorly functioning pore.

Don’t forget to exercise and reduce stress although it’s difficult when the cystic acne is there, but stressing about it will make it worse. Best wishes and a speedy cure-

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