7 Fastest Ways To Lose Belly Fat Naturally


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Excess belly fat leads to several health hazards as this fat is unwanted by the human body. On the other hand, with that belly fat, your cocktail dress may look hideous or you may not be able to fit into your favorite jeans. When it comes to losing belly fat, there are a few words that will also pop up, diet and exercise. The facts are if you want to lose weight, diet and exercise are going to have to be your main focus. Forget the diet pills, most have them have no effect at all, they are very expensive and in many cases they are just not safe.

1. One of the first thing you need to follow in your fat loss diet is to avoid having junk or fatty food altogether. All processed and fried foods contain excess fats and cholesterol which contributes towards obesity and so they are surely not the answer to your question of how to get rid of stomach fat in 2 weeks.

2. Add all the ingredients for the water mixture together and let stand in the fridge overnight. Strain and drink all 2 liters throughout the next day. Repeat this daily for seven days. The cucumber and lemon are natural diuretics the ginger and spearmint help relieve bloating. This drink mixture is almost free of calories, plus it keeps you well hydrated. This recipe is well known for its belly fighting properties.

3. There is no miracle food that will help you in your quest to learn how to lose belly fat, but there are foods you can avoid in your quest for a flatter tummy. Processed foods and foods made with refined sugars and starches can contribute to extra weight gain. You may want to replace white pastas and breads with whole grain varieties. If you currently drink one can of regular soda each day, try replacing it with a can of diet soda or a low-calorie juice that is not made with high fructose corn syrup. Making these changes will help you to eliminate extra calories that could contribute to the formation of belly fat.

4. One of the effective ways of weight loss is the calories shifting. In this diet plan, you are able to eat more but you have to take calories in different amount in each meal. This calories shifting method increase the level of your metabolism and you do not need intense exercise after each meal.

5. all the high fat containing dairy foods like butter, whole milk, cream, cheese, etc. should also be excluded from the diet. You should rather have high fiber containing foods like fruits and vegetables in your diet to lose stomach fat fast. Fibers are essential for proper digestion of food, are natural appetite suppressants and hence, can help in quick weight and fat loss. If you are wondering about how to lose stomach fat fast using diet, then note that you should reduce your intake of food to some extent and switch to healthy foods.

6. The first thing we have to do on this diet is cut out the salt, salty seasonings and processed foods. Salt makes you hold water and makes you puffy and bloated. The second thing is cutting down on carbohydrates. Carbs also make you retain water and store fat. Cutting carbs will help you lose that extra fluid and lose weight at the same time.

Stay away from gassy foods such as beans, broccoli, cabbage and any other food that you know will cause you gas. Chewing gum causes you to swallow air, and the sweeteners in sugarless gum and some low calorie chocolate bars and candy called xylitol or maltitol will give you gas and diarrhea. Fatty foods are digested more slowly and cause you to feel heavy and bloated, so avoid these as well. No pasta and no white bread. Fiber by nature is bloating, so high fiber foods are also a no.

7. The reasons I state naturally is in terms of losing weight quickly, diet pills are marketed heavily as the best option. However, many of these pills are not properly tested, many don't produce any noticeable results, are expensive and some can even be dangerous. Therefore this is not a recommend option. Your best bet is to follow a few basic steps to increase the number of calories your body burns each day, and limit the amount of fat and sugar you consume.Zechong cai shared these tips.

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