Superb Methods to prevent wrinkles


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Every woman wants healthy skin and full of shine. But at a certain age, aging skin is inevitable. Therefore, the only solution is the tricks that keep skin firmness and slow down the aging process. Anti-wrinkle creams and masks, and herbal cosmetics are some of the most common methods to prevent wrinkles. Skin and beauty tips are tailored to your wishes!

What should you do to prevent wrinkles?

Wrinkles are fine creases or grooves that are found on the skin surface. First wrinkles begin to appear at the age of 23 years and their causes are multiple. Cosmeticians say wrinkles are not only the effect of aging, but also of sun exposure or cold. There are several ways to prevent wrinkles recommended by experts:

- Avoid excessive sun exposure. UV radiation causes not only wrinkles, but also more serious diseases such as skin cancer. It is therefore recommended to use sunscreen in summer.

- Avoid excessive consumption of alcohol, because alcohol aging skin. If you use facial treatments to remove or prevent wrinkles, do not consume any alcohol.

- Quit smoking if you want to have a bright skin complexion. Toxins contained in cigarette smoke cause premature skin aging.

- Moisturize your skin with cold water, especially in summer

- Drink plenty of fluids to hydrate the skin and whole body

- Use wrinkle masks and moisturizers adapted to your skin

- Practice once a week facial gymnastics

- Choose a diet rich in vitamins and opt for a healthy lifestyle

Facial masks or creams for wrinkles: rules to follow in their choice

Choosing wrinkle creams or masks for facial treatments should not be done without the advice of a dermatologist or not to know your skin type. On the market there are wide ranges of cosmetics which can adapt or not your type of skin. Do not buy the first cosmetic product that you can find: make sure that is a quality product to not get unpleasant problems. Anti-wrinkle masks and creams are not always categorized by age. Therefore, only criteria of choice are skin type and quality. It is true that a quality cosmetic product can be more expensive, but its effectiveness is on long term.

Wrinkle creams and masks are divided into two categories: moisturizing and with active principles. Both helps in skin renewal and prevent wrinkles.

In fighting wrinkles, every woman should use a moisturizer daily (providing nutrients for skin and prevents dehydration) and a retinol based cream, most effective in preventing wrinkles.

Rosa Mosqueta oil prevents wrinkles

Babaria Rosa Mosqueta Anti Wrinkle Face Lift Effect Cream presents a unique effect of strengthening and hydration of the skin due to wild rose oil content that helps restore and improve skin tissue. This rejuvenating cream is rich in essential fatty acids Omega 3, 6 and 9 which help minimize the appearance of wrinkles and strengthen skin's resistance to external factors. In short time your skin will look younger, brighter. Dull ant tern skin will regain elasticity and freshness with this spectacular cream.

Makeup correctly

To diminish wrinkles, the most important advice is waiving of powder foundation for a liquid or a moisturizer with pigment.

Makeup specialists recommend using liquid foundation after applying a moisturizer and only in areas where it is absolutely necessary. Takes into account the protection that offers you cream: choose cosmetic moisturizers with sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 15 to protect your skin from UV radiation which in time exacerbating wrinkles.
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