Several Tips for Getting Mole Removal At Home Done


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Moles are generally present on every persons body. Their color may be black or brown. Moles are nothing but an accumulation of cells which produce pigments. These cells get grouped together due to some reason instead of being distributed over the skin. They are not harmful in any way in most of the cases. They can exist on a persons face and hands. They might also be there in places, where clothes may tend to rub on them. An individual thus feels frustrated at times, due to their presence. This becomes the reason for people to get them removed.

There are a lot of options available, for getting the moles removed. Firstly, the mole can be removed by the surgical method. The surgery is usually performed by a person who is expert in the same. This causes it to be very expensive. There is the possibility of a scar being left behind as well, with this method. Some do it yourself home remedies is the additional choice available. A lot of things can be done to remove moles, under this category.

The fundamental idea on which the home remedies rely is the utilization of various acidic substances. The content of acidity is not much in the things used. One can easily get the moles removed, if these substances are regularly used. However when using these products the skin should also be taken care of. Frequent application of such acidic substances may affect the skin surrounding the mole.

Castor oil is very commonly used, in getting the moles removed. Most of the drug stores have it with them. Its mildly acidic nature makes it one of the best options for removing moles. Also FDA has approved a derivative of castor oil for treating common skin problems. The skin and hair usually become soft due to its use. This is the reason why it is used in products like lipsticks and shampoos. A mixture of castor oil and baking soda of appropriate thickness is made. The paste is then applied on the mole and then covered using a bandage. The mole can be removed if such a procedure is properly followed.

There are a lot of other simple alternatives present. Applying the juice of some specific fruits and vegetables also is of help. Vegetables like cauliflower and fruits like sour pomegranates, apple and pineapples are used. They are basically used because they have a small quantity of acidic content in them. These substances are usually grinded along with a little water. The juice thus obtained is applied on the mole. In some instances it is left applied over night. However in some cases it is washed after some time. Daily application of the same can give faster results. Another house hold thing that is effective in removing the mole is garlic. Either juice of garlic can be applied or a slice of garlic can be directly applied. If a slice is applied on the mole it needs to be covered with a bandage.

There are a little bad effects of the home remedies that need to be taken care of. The region that surrounds the mole usually can be burnt, due to the use of products containing some amount of acidic content. In order to avoid this, one should apply petroleum jelly on the region around the mole-Article7.

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