Removing Eye Bags - One Click Fix


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Many consumers have been attempting dangerous procedures in attempting removing eye bags. These procedures, many of them being surgical, are very invasive and will cause many health issues down the road. It seems that bags under the eyes are the new plague and desperate consumers have been willing to pay a very high price in order remove a slight eye bag. These surgeries, if not done correctly, can cause irreparable damage by detaching the retina which causes permanent loss of eye sight on the unfortunate patient.

Those not brave enough to get them surgically removed often resort to Botox which is not exactly a miracle fix either. Botox is used to paralyze the muscle where injected and is often used in situation like the attempt in removing eye bags. The FDA has recently confirmed that Botox injections have caused many deaths by releasing a toxin that spreads throughout the body and causes respiratory paralysis.  16 of these cases have been confirmed in the United States alone, although many more are suspected but were never confirmed. It is hard to imagine that someone would go through any immense risk for minute cosmetic results.

It is also important to note that there are no guarantees linked to these invasive procedures. Removing eye bags has become a sort of obsession with many consumers and ultimately they are also paying the price. Like rings around the eyes, eye bags can be caused by a lack of sleep, although there is a bit more universal force that comes into play; a little something called gravity. Gravity pulls down on every object on earth, and the skin under our eyes does not escape that rule. Perhaps scientists should create a gravity free bubble, especially for those obsessed with removing eye bags; a lot of people would pay a hefty fee for a "natural" fix.
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