How To Remove Skin Tags At Home


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Skin tags also known as acrochorda and fibroepithelial polyp are small protruding lumps that basically develop on skin areas where creases are formed. Regions where most skin tags tend to appear are groin, armpit, eyelids and neck. Although skin tags are not harmful and they do not even grow still they can make you look ugly especially when they appear on your face. They are irregular and rough in texture and can be very irritating in most cases. These days there are various natural products and ingredients available in the market with the help of which you can remove skin tags without leaving scars.

So, now let me tell you about some great natural remedies and treatments that you can try out at home for removing the skin tags.

Home Remedies For Skin Tags

* Tea tree oil is one great ingredient that can surely help you to get rid of the tags. The oil is manufactured from Malaleuca Alternifolia tree and you can easily purchase it from the market. Before applying the oil on the affected area you must wash the skin with soap. Using this ingredient on a regular basis would remove the tag completely.

* Duct tape is available in medical stores and it is applied on the skin tag for at least six days. Change the tape and repeat the procedure unless and until the tag detaches itself from the skin area.

* The nail enamel that we use on a regular basis can also help you in getting rid of the tag. It is a very good home remedy as nail polishes are easily available in every household. Apply the product for at least three days and experience the difference.

* Vitamin E is another great ingredient that can be used by you on a regular basis. Apply vitamin E oil on the affected areas on a regular basis and get a clear, scar free skin.

* If you are not scared of experiencing pain then you can just cut off the tag with the help of the nail clipper. Wash the area with alcohol, and tie the base of the tag with a thread. Once this is done take a nail clipper and snip the tag off.

* Various natural ointments and creams are also available that would help in removing the tags without stinging your skin.

So, if you also have skin tags and want to remove it then just consider one of the remedies that are mentioned above in order to get rid of this irritating lump.Colin K Yang shared this article.

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