How to Remove Blackheads - The Safe Way


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Removing blackheads is a point of concern for many people who wish to take proper care of their skin. Although the process of removing blackheads is often simple, a slight careless move can leave temporary or even permanent marks on your skin. As humans, our skin especially on our faces is very sensitive, so proper care is important to keep your facial features fresh and glowing. Removing blackheads is one way to keep your skin fresh and glowing. However, it is important to learn about how to remove blackheads carefully before applying any technique on your own to avoid any unwanted side effects.

What are Blackheads?

Normally, they are a concentration of dead skin cells or open skin pores that are clogged with dirt. Leaving blackheads on your face leaves small black dots on your facial features especially your nose and it doesn't look very appealing. Blackheads are commonly present around nose, cheeks, around ears and even sometimes on other parts of the body.

Removing Blackheads

As blackheads are result of oil, bacteria and dead cells in pores, it is important for people to remove them safely to keep their skin fresh and attractive. Following a few simple steps can help you easily remove these blackheads at your home without any help of a beautician or a skin specialist.

    Make Them Soft. Before removing blackheads, make sure that your skin and surface of blackheads are soft. An easy way is to wash your skin with warm water repeatedly. You can also use soaps that make skin softer.

    Apply Cleansers and Exfoliates. You may want to buy creams or soaps that can make the process easier for you. Facial cleansers and exfoliating soaps and creams with salicylic acid can keep your skin soft along with drying out the oil in pores. Similarly, application of benzoyl peroxide on skin is another effective way to break up a concentration of dead cells in pores resulting in loosening up of blackheads. Another way to make your skin softer is exposing your face to hot steam for few minutes. Steam not only makes your skin soft but it can also enlarge your pores.

    Dry Your Skin. After washing and applying creams or soaps of your own choice, dry your skin with a towel.

    Use Extractors, Tweezers or Your Fingers. Now, to remove blackheads from your skin, you can use different types of blackheads extractors, tweezers or even your fingers. If you are using your fingers or tweezers, make sure you have washed them properly. If you are using any type of metal extractor, make sure it is properly sterilized before use.

    Using Your Fingers. You can easily use your fingers to remove blackheads especially from your nose or areas surrounding nose. You can apply GENTLE pressure with your fingers around the pores. Squeezing them out using fingers is one of the most common ways.. Applying more pressure than required, applying dirty fingers or trying to squeeze blackheads out without making your skin soft can damage you skin, so it is essential to follow a proper procedure. If you feel that the blackhead is not coming out easily, stop exerting more pressure on the skin as it can seriously damage skin cells.

    Apply Antiseptic Cream. Once you are done with removing the blackheads, wash your face again with the warm water and apply a good antiseptic cream or acne cream on the surface of pores.

I hope that following these simple steps described above has help you learn how to remove blackheads at home. For those of you who want to learn about how to remove blackheads from nose can also apply the same technique.

Tip from an Expert: You can also apply a combination of benzoyl peroxide, sulfur and salicylic acid on your skin after waking up in the next morning for better results.

James D. Westin has suffered from acne since his early teenage years. Since then, he has tried many different methods to attempt to treat the embarrassing disease. Through his trial and error, he has found what works best and has chosen to share that with those who also suffer. Although this disease is not curable, it is treatable and finding the most effective treatments is the first step.

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