How to Lose Saddle Bags Fat Successfully - The Best Remedy


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The most asked question in forums and message boards is based on how to lose thigh fat successfully. Lots of women are searching for a remedy for the dreaded saddle bags sitting on their hips, thighs and buts.

For women, weight gain is a result of hormonal changes as they mature. Women are particularly punished with excess fat even though their eating indiscretions are not as bad as their male counterparts. I am not going to try and explain the science behind it, just to say that it is far easier for women to gain weight than men.

Of course genetics can also play a role. If grandma had a problem with saddlebags, then mama also likely has the same problem and her daughter will have it too someday. However it doesn't mean that the problem saddlebags cannot be brought under control.

For the vast majority of women the problem lies in the fact that the thighs, hips and butt are the first places that fat will be stored, when there is an excess of fat available. Gradually other areas of the body will also become fat, but generally the butt, hips and thighs will pick up first. Upon following a weight loss and exercise program many women find that the fat in these areas tends to be very difficult to get rid of and is often these pockets of stubborn fat that derail their entire weight loss efforts. These areas are the last to lose fat.

So what is the answer to how to lose thigh fat successfully? The answer is not to give up. You see if you understand that the fat around the hips, butt, and thighs is the last to burn up, then the best remedy for saddlebags is to persevere. Stick to a combination of a good diet and exercise program and you will see amazing results.

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