How to Lose Belly Fat In Only 5 Days-3 Secrets


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So what's the fastest way to lose belly fat?

It's a shocker to most, but crunches and sit-ups don't qualify.

In fact, if you're desperately trying to lose your fat tummy it's almost a certainty that abs exercises are going to leave you with less than hoped for results.

The answer to your fat-free stomach lies in three completely natural little secrets. And whether you simply want a flat tummy or "6 pack abs" these three fat loss secrets are guaranteed to deliver.

So if you're desperate to see some results, and see them quickly, then get ready to take a few notes because the following three secrets can erase a large portion of your belly fat in as little as 5 days.

Secret #1: Absolutely No Bread.

It's not that bread is bad for you, it's just that it's a highly dense, carbohydrate rich food that provides your body with loads of energy. Remember... your goal is to create a calorie deficit. This will force your body to burn its stored fat reserves. The fastest way to create a calorie deficit is to eliminate the carbohydrate dense foods in your diet.

Secret #2: Up Your Leafy, Green Vegetable Intake.

The greatest fat burning foods on the planet are leafy, green vegetables. This is simply because they are nutrient rich, low calorie foods. You need your metabolism functioning at peek efficiency if you're going to get rid of belly fat and this requires and abundance of nutrients. So by consuming a lot of green leafy vegetables you can ensure you body gets the nutrients it needs without an abundance of calories.

Secret #3: Animal Protein In The P.M.

The eating habits of most people are mixed up. People tend to consume animal proteins (Chicken, Steak, etc.) throughout the day and then snack on carbohydrate rich foods at night (Ice cream, Desserts, Chips, Pasta). The last thing you want to do if you're trying to lose belly fat is go to bed with a stomach full of carbs.

If losing stomach fat is top priority than you need to rearrange your diet.

First and foremost, desserts (which you should keep to a minimum) need to be consumed in the non-P.M hours. This will allow your body to burn them off before you go to bed.

Secondly, your P.M. meals need to consist of animal protein foods such as chicken, lean red meat and fish. Throw in a spinach salad with your P.M meals and it will work wonders for burning off that fat tummy.

So there you have it. Whether you want 6 pack abs or just a flat tummy, simply follow these three secrets and you will lose belly fat fast and achieve your goal!Jason Clemens wrote this article.He is a leading weight loss and nutrition expert.

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13 January 2015 at 11:21

Nice tips ever I read.Taking Green Vegetable and control to eat much Animal Protein must help to control fat obviously but I am little confused to give up eat bread.I new that taking bread can help to keep our body fit and bread ,after reading your article I think it was my wrong thought.Thanks for nice Article.THanks-Osteopaths in ryde

27 January 2016 at 20:16

Weight loss isn't good for just you; it's good for your whole family. Begin making subtle changes now, without announcing them, and your family will be better able to manage their weight too. Examples of this would be buying reduced-fat cream cheese, peanut butter, low-fat or nonfat cottage cheese, moving gradually to lower-fat or fat-free milk, and even reduced-fat cheeses, which can be quite flavorful.

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