How To Get Rid Of Skin Tags Safely


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Skin tags are small growths on your body, they appear just about anywhere and unless they're irritating or in an area where they're constantly irritated aren't a health risk but more a cosmetic issue. There are ways to learn how to get rid of skin tags, but before you do, you'll want to make sure they're harmless. Also, they're usually considered cosmetic so may not be covered by your insurance.

Of course, before removing them you need to know that they're really tags and not something else. Those that have any type of hair coming out of them, those that may be funny colored, or those that have a weird shape to them should be seen before you try to remove them.

 Also, have your care provider look at those that have grown quickly, look more like a mole or have grown in a cluster shape. A true tag is just normal cells that have grown out of your body instead of flat like normal. They also don't normally have nerves running to them, in other words, have no feeling.

Pinch and manipulate the growth, you should just feel a gentle pull on the surrounding tissue. If you feel pain, then don't remove it until it's been checked out.

You'll be able to find several simple methods for removal and some are easier than others. If it's a large one, it probably has a lot of blood supply so your doctor should probably handle those. You can try the methods below, or some of the skin tag removal products you'll find online.

Many people wind up shaving tiny tags off, just in a normal bathing routine. They think they cut themselves with the razor and just apply pressure to stop the bleeding. This is what happens to most tiny ones, they're simply shaved off. You can use the same method with some of the larger ones, just be proactive about bacteria, use a antiseptic cream after you've stopped bleeding.

Another option is to use a pair of sharp scissors, while this may make some squeamish, it will work. Just be ready to deal with a tiny cut. You'll also want to make sure the scissors are sterilized, infection can be a problem. A little triple antibiotic after the procedure will help you heal faster and reduce the chance of infection.

Another method is less visual. You'll use new dental floss in order to stop the blood flow. Tie the floss tightly at the base of the tag, wait a few days and it should fall off on it's own. Just watch for infection, if the area becomes red or swollen, you have a problem.

Your health care provider can remove them as well. They'll use a surgical instrument and a bit of numbing medication. Just remember, getting rid of them is one thing, making sure it's not something else is another. If you're not sure what it is, see your doctor first, then remove them at home using one of the many methods above. Mario Cora12 shared this article.

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