Home Remedies for Whiteheads Straight from Your kitchen


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Just like blackheads, whiteheads are also produced by the excess sebum or natural oil produced by the sebaceous glands present in the skin. In medical terms, whiteheads are referred as closed Comedones. Usually whiteheads appear like white spots near the sides of the nose. Generally the whiteheads are considered to be the initial signs of Acne and Pimples. So it becomes necessary to treat the whiteheads at least by home remedies for whiteheads in order to avoid risk of developing Pimples in future. There are many tested home remedies for whiteheads which help as to reduce the risk of developing further Pimples.

Some of the important causes and symptoms of whiteheads:

1. Lack of proper hygiene
2. Direct Exposure to sun
3. Due to some genetic factors
4. Impurities within the blood
5. Due to hormonal changes and cortisone medicines
6. Due to improper diet

You should treat the whiteheads with the natural remedies for whiteheads. Some of the important home remedies for whiteheads:

1. Take a lemon and rub it to your face at least two times a week. It is the simplest home remedy for whiteheads.

2. You can also apply grated potatoes to the affected area to remove the whiteheads.

3. One of the most popular home remedies for whiteheads is facial steaming. Blackheads can also be treated with this remedy. In order to open the clogged hair follicles steam your face at least for 10 minutes.

4. Apply this mixture made by sandal wood powder and rose water to your face. For this you have to take sandal wood powder and add some sufficient water in it to form a fine paste. Apply this paste to your face for 20 minutes or maximum up to half an hour then wash it off with the help of warm water. This remedy is one of the safest whiteheads home remedies.

5. You should include milk, yoghurt, pumpkin seeds, spinach, legumes, etc in your diet.

6. Include sufficient amount of water in your diet in order to avoid whiteheads. Fruits and vegetable juices are also considered to be beneficial for reducing the symptoms of whiteheads.

7. You should take the foods rich in vitamin A, vitamin B2 and vitamin E in order to reduce its symptoms.

8. You should completely avoid the intake of beef, lamb and red meat.

9. Golden Glow capsule is a herbal remedy that cures a number of skin problems such as whiteheads, blackheads, dark spots, acne, skin rashes and dull complexion.
Jeramey Thompson shared these remedies.

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