Excellent exercises to lose love handles quickly


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What is a love handle? If you're a fan of fatty foods and beer, and weigh a bit more than you're supposed to at your age, you probably have those so-called love handles around your waist. Other names used are waist fats, belly fats, and waist tires. Whatever you call it, it's those flabby looking rolls around your waist caused by excessive fats. If have them, then you should start getting into a love handle workout to get rid of them.

The waist area is the part most prone to accumulating fats. Not only that, it's the last batch of fats that leave your system and the most difficult to burn. If this is not attended, this will develop into ugly looking rolls. The love handle workout is the best approach and solution. It strikes straight into building abdominal muscles.

There are several recommended exercises for the abdomen. But the most effective ones are those that work for the rectus abdominis and the oblique muscle sections. When completely developed, rectus abdominis is also the commonly termed six-pack abs. The oblique muscles are the waist areas and they differ between men and women. Five of the best and effective exercises are listed below:

- Bicycle Exercise. Position yourself by lying on your back and placing your hands beside your head. You raise your left knee halfway touching your right elbow and arching your back slightly forward. Then you do the same with the other knee and elbow. This love handle workout movement creates a pedaling motion similar to when riding a bicycle.

- Captain's Chair. This is another popular and effective exercise you should include when doing the love handle workout. There may be several ways to do this but the basic objective is to build muscles around the oblique sections. You let your body dangle while being supported by your arms. Work kicks in when you start slow and repetitive lifting of your knees toward your chest.

- Ball Crunch Exercise. You need a large rubber ball that looks like a balloon and about the size of your average hug. This love handle workout is unique because you let your body rest over the exercise ball instead of the floor. Work begins by pacing your feet flat on the floor while doing the crunch. This exercise works better with the rectus than the oblique.

- Vertical Leg Crunch Workout. This workout looks somewhat similar to the leg raise. Except that your legs are always held up. Your abs muscles contract by lifting your shoulder blades up and lower it back to the floor. This love handle workout is equally good for both abdominal muscles.

- Torso Track Exercise. Although this exercise is equally effective, it must be done carefully. Otherwise it will break your back. You need an equipment for this and if you buy one, there should be instructions on how to use it correctly. This type of exercise favors more in working for the rectus.

These love handle workout techniques will be effective when done regularly over some period of time. Good nutrition and balanced diet must be in your list too. It is a must that once you get into this habit, it should be part of your lifestyle. Getting the right abdominal muscles will not only make you feel healthy but also improve your look and that level of self-esteem and confidence. Best results happen when done regularly and with the correct repetitions. And most importantly, while working out, breathe correctly.
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