7 Effective Homemade Acne Treatments


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Are you willing to take just 5 minutes to read through this article from the beginning till the very end, so that you will be able to learn the best acne-clearing secrets for adults? There are many simple and effective ways to prevent acne. Ways to avoid acne include dietary changes, skin care and home remedies.

1. The most well-known and effective of the homemade acne treatments is the oatmeal mask. This works so well because it absorbs the oil on your face into the oatmeal as it dries. However, if you follow my diet suggestions there shouldn't be any excess oil on your face to begin with.

2. Water is considered as the best natural treatment for acne scars. Water helps to remove the dead skin cells and helps the new skin to grow. It keeps the skin hydrated. Therefore, it is beneficial to drink adequate amount of water everyday. Excess intake of white flour, sugar, milk and processed foods should be avoided in order to reduce acne. Avoid consumption of iodine-rich foods including iodized salt, cheese, liver, kelp products, crabs and other shellfish. Foods that contain trans-fatty acids such as milk products, margarine, cookies, chocolates and hydrogenated oils should also be avoided.

3. Tea tree oil is the most effective natural topical solutions for acne. So why is tea tree oil so effective? It's actually very simple. It works exactly the same way as benzoyl peroxide, where the solution penetrates deep into your skin's layers and work hard to zap the bacteria which causes the formation of acne underneath your skin. I find that tea tree oil is a much better treatment than the common benzoyl peroxide based products.

4. Take essential fatty acids (EFA) either as fish oil or evening primrose capsules. Studies have shown that EFAs help stimulate and maintain brain function, improving concentration and memory. As a general rule, you should not take more than 2.5 g of fish oil daily to treat ADD. If your doctor recommends more than 2.5 g of EFAs, it is best to get the remainder from evening primrose.

5. Rubbing lemon juice on the skin is another of the effective homemade acne treatments. Lemon juice works because the acid attacks the bad bacteria that cause acne to form. It is also much milder than alcohol so if used appropriately it will not dry out your skin. Lemon juice also has vitamin C and other nutrients that are good for the skin.

6. This is an effective home remedy for acne scars. Sandalwood has cooling and soothing effect on the scarred skin. Prepare a thick paste of sandalwood and rosewater and directly apply on the scarred area. Leave it on for about an hour, before washing off with water.

7. Increase your memory with ginkgo biloba, maybe the most famous herb for it's ability to stimulate and preserve the brain's ability to store memories. Ginkgo biloba is available in capsule form, as tinctures and as tea.Zechong cai shared thes tips.

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