Yes it really works !! - New forms of exercise to lose weight


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 You may be bored  in workout routines to keep fit.Wont you? It's time to try something different.
The following forms of exercise will not just help you enjoy your workout sessions but you'll benefit from them as well.

Four-Dimensional Yoga

What is it

Yoga instructor Shelly Khera, says, "Four-dimensional yoga is not just a physical exercise, it is an aid to establish a new way of life that improves your overall well-being. Every yoga posture carries a philosophy and we should train our mind with that. Ninety per cent of our diseases are born in the mind and with this type of yoga, we can banish most of that."

She explains that traditional yoga was meant for a certain class of people, but with today's stressful lifestyle, one needs more than just that. She adds, "Four-dimensional yoga is customised for people and is for mental, emotional, physical and spiritual growth."

How to do it

Four-dimensional yoga uses basic mudras and not just the body, but the mind is also trained. For example, while doing the parvatasan in four-dimensional yoga, you visualise the mountain. And along with it you attend lectures that help you get the four-dimensional benefit of the asana.

Calories burnt

Shelly states that they don't emphasise on losing calories because, "with four-dimensional yoga, you will lead an overall healthier life. That will help you not just lose weight but also maintain it forever without any worry about your excess weight coming back to haunt you".


The emotional benefit is that yoga helps to calm the mind and body, gives you a positive outlook and fills your surroundings with positivity. It energises you, alerts your body and amplifies understanding of your life.

Physically, this yoga helps in eliminating fat, toning the body, burning calories and also lowering blood pressure. This also enhances stamina and flexibility, which prevents body and joint pains. For pregnant women, yoga plays an important role during the delivery and post-delivery stages.

Shelly says, "It helps you to know yourself, manage your life better. You get more peace of mind and better health. It helps you understand your deepest craving, motivations and aspirations, thereby restoring confidence, hope, meaning and rationality.

Four-dimensional yogic techniques allows you to have more control over your life's actions and directions. As a result, you get a balanced personality."

Who can do it

"Anyone from eight to 80 years can do this form of yoga," says Shelly. People who are lethargic, suffer from depression or have high blood pressure should adapt to this form of yoga.

Aqua Zumba

What is it

Zumba fitness has taken the world by storm and now, aqua zumba is gaining popularity in the city by the day. Zumba education specialist (ZES) and aqua zumba instructor (AZI), Sucheta Pal, says, "Famously called the fitness pool party, aqua zumba fuses zumba and the principles of aqua aerobics to create one hour of calorie-burning madness in the pool."

AZI Sanjeev Khiara says, "Zumba is an exercise that increases your heart rate to around 150-180. People who have two left feet and are not too comfortable dancing, people who suffer from knee injuries and other problems are perfect candidates for aqua zumba."

How to do it

The movements of zumba are adapted to be performed in water. "Working constantly against the resistance of water increases fat-free mass and burns a load of calories," says Sucheta. Sanjeev adds, "You don't need to know swimming to do aqua zumba. Eighty to 90 per cent of your body weight is displaced when the water is at your chest level." Thus your knees, hips and back undergo less pounding. At the same time, your body works four times harder than on land, as you deal with the resistance of the water rather than gravity.

"Splashing, stretching, twisting, even shouting, laughing, hooting and hollering are often heard during an aqua zumba class," says Sanjeev.

Calories Burnt

"You can really lose kilos in a few months. A one-hour aqua zumba session can help burn 500-1000 calories and even more if the intensity is increased," states Sanjeev.


The best thing about aqua zumba is that there is no sweat. This form of exercise, explains Sucheta, "provides natural protection to your body avoiding unnecessary body stress. It helps to increase your metabolic rate, increases lung capacity, stabilises blood pressure and decreases insomnia."

It is a complete workout in half the time. "It works on your aerobic endurance, muscular strength, flexibility and joint mobility, all at the same time," she adds.

Who can do it

"All healthy people can try it. People recovering from osteo-articular injuries or chronic diseases, pregnant women, overweight, obese and special people can do this exercise," says Sucheta.

Hula Hoop Workout

What is it

Swati Shah, who teaches hula hooping in Mumbai, says, "This is a super fun form of cardio, and the best part is that you won't even know you are working out, as a hoop is so enjoyable!" A passionate dancer and a fitness freak, Swati admits she always wanted to hula hoop, and like others, thought it was tough. "Now I'm so addicted to it, I take my hoop everywhere with me," she laughs.

How to do it

She presents a step-by-step way of doing it right:

- To begin, find a hoop size that suits you. Ideally, one that rests vertically between your belly button or the middle of the chest works fine.

- Now, place hoop firmly on the small of your back, wind it upwards and just spin it.

- It's crucial not to start making circles with the hips after the first push of the hoop. This will just make it drop. Instead, see to it that the movement emerges from the pelvis region and the core — a to-and-fro movement or a side-to-side one, whichever comes easily. The trick is to find one's own rhythm and maintaining it. That rhythm only gets better with practice.

Calories burnt

One can practise it for 30 minutes to an hour and lose up to 150-200 calories.


Hooping can be done any number of times, even everyday, once you get used to the initial soreness in the body (caused by any new exercise that you take up), she informs. There are several benefits to the regime, one learns. "For one, you can burn body fat and get toned abs. It also increases your fitness level and improves the mood with a healthy release of endorphins. The hoop workout can improve coordination and spinal flexibility and while you're at it, enjoy a good dance," she explains.

Who can do it

"I'd like to tell everyone that, anybody can hula hoop. So, don't dismiss it, assuming it's tough and not for you," she concludes. Ismat Tahseen shared these new forms of exercises to lose weight.

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