Top 5 Tips to Eliminate Blackheads From Nose


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What are Blackheads

Blackheads are small spots that appear mostly on facial areas where oil is produced in excess like nose, forehead and chin. They do not vanish with rubbing of face with a towel and people whose routines occupy a number of face to face meetings with others might feel embarrassed or low confidence due to blackheads.

Prior to cure blackheads one must know what causes them. It's clogged up dirt, grease and dead cells that create a blockage in skin pores and as a result sebum gathers and makes bumps in skin that on exposure to oxygen turn black and get their name as blackheads.

1.Curing Blackheads

Although it's a little time consuming to get rid of them but they can be removed and even permanently cured easily. A number of home remedies work well in removing them while leaving behind fresh and healthy skin.

2.Use Extractor

Blackheads on nose can be extracted out with an extractor. Before starting the procedure wash the extractor with a disinfectant like alcohol. Take steam or warm shower to soften the skin of nose. Put extractor on nose and remove blackheads gently with a little pressure. Do not go wild in exerting pressure on nose because it will leave scars behind.

3.Apply Blackhead Strips

Using blackhead strips is an easy and stress free technique to get rid of blackheads. Wash your face to remove dirt and oils from skin and apply blackhead strip. Wait for 10 minutes so that strip will be dried up. Then remove it gently and rinse your face with fresh water.

Use Blackhead Removing Creams

Blackhead removing creams are easily available at drugstores and work great. They include benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid to cure blackheads and other skin problems. Their leaflets contain the instructions on how to use them properly. A better approach is to consult a dermatologist to guide and choose for you the best blackhead removal technique.

4.Exfoliate Regularly

Exfoliation is weekly treatment that removes dead cells from skin and prevent blockage in skin pores. Exfoliators are easily available in market or can be prepared at home. Exfoliation on nose makes the skin smooth, fresh and soft. It should be done twice a week.

5.Wash Face Twice a Day

Most of us do not know that washing face more than twice a day can harm skin and speed up the sebum production that in turn will lead to blackheads. If you still feel grease on your face use oil absorbing sheets to get rid of excess oil. Washing face more than twice a day means skin will be dried up badly and body will cope with this situation through increasing production of sebum. This sebum will block the pores and create blackheads.

I hope working with these tips will work well in removing blackheads from nose. A little out of your daily routines can make your skin healthy, fresh and vivid and as a result you will feel lively and more confident.Markrusell wrote this article.

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