It is possible to remove skin moles ! - 7 successful methods


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It is without a doubt that every person in this world has skin moles. Some are visible while some are hidden behind one s clothes. These skin moles vary in colors, shapes, and sizes. Some people believe that these signify beauty. Let s face the fact that not all skin moles are pleasant to look at. So here are some procedures or methods that can be of great help in removing skin moles.


In this particular surgical procedure, local anesthesia is administered first before the treatment proper. It helps the patient to ease the pain or better yet, to feel no pain during the entire procedure. This method comes in two forms. These are excision with stitches and excision with cauterization. When we say excision with stitches, the skin growth is being removed completely by cutting out the moles. On the other hand, excision with cauterization is done by burning the skin growth using a safe and effective tool. The difference between the two is that, in excision with stitches, as the name implies, stitches can be applied while in the latter type, these cannot be applied in most of the cases.

It is a method wherein a solution called liquid nitrogen is dispersed into a medical instrument so that the temperature level can be brought to a very low point. Scientifically speaking, the skin moles  cells are being damaged by a very low temperature. This procedure kills the skin growth by interrupting the supply of blood going into it.
Shave biopsy   

This method of getting rid of skin moles can be used only if the mole grows above a person s skin. A particular tool is used to eliminate the moles located on the surface of the skin.
Laser therapy   

This kind of treatment is useful and beneficial to those who are scared of surgical procedures. Here, a concentrated beam of light, which is commonly known as laser rays, is pointed directly into the skin moles aiming to destroy the cells. This method has a downturn, which is that skin growths located beneath the skin may not be treated that well.
Prescription medicine   

You can go to your attending physician and ask for his help and advice regarding your skin mole problem. He can give prescriptions of medicine depending on your situation.
Over the counter medication 

Some who cannot afford to undergo other procedures often resort to this method of mole removal. But you should be careful in using over the counter medications because most of these are based on acids and can cause visible scars. This scenario can only make the skin problem worse. This method is not applicable in treating cancerous growth. The best way rather than this is to seek the advice of a physician.

Home treatment   

This is a method wherein skin moles are removed naturally. This kind of treatment involves herbal medicines which can be found in our kitchen and backyard. Some examples of home treatment include the application of garlic, baking soda, cauliflower juice, and the like. If you have doubt whether your skin growth is cancerous it is safe and better to seek the advice of a physician says Sreeja who wrote this article.Like the over the counter medication, it is not applicable in cancerous skin growths.

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