Are You Using The Best Cream For Wrinkles?


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You hopped into a swanky beauty store and grabbed a seductive-looking jar of cream from the shelf. You happily shelled out your hard-earned dollars since the attractive packaging said that the cream wipes wrinkles away. You brought it home and used it. Weeks passed and nothing happened. Wrinkles are still there. Are you sure this is the best cream for wrinkles?

Theres got to be something wrong somewhere. Either you are using the cream incorrectly, or the cream itself is incorrect.

The best way to use a wrinkle cream
Always apply the cream on a clean face. It would be better to exfoliate your face once a while to remove the dead cell layer from the surface. This gives your wrinkle cream a fresh surface to work on.

Exfoliation opens up pores and removes impurities. This averts the clogging of pores which might happen when you apply a cream on unclean face. Dirt and excess sebum may mix with the cream and block the pores, giving rise to a host of skin problems, including acne and inflammation.

A clean face allows maximum absorption of ingredients of the cream. Massaging the cream gently with finger tips till no trace of cream is present on the surface is the best technique to use a skin formula.

It is vital to apply the cream regularly. If you have been using your cream casually whenever you desired, you are harming your skin. For a successful anti aging treatment, you must apply the cream daily, once or twice a day.

The best cream for wrinkles
If you have been applying the cream regularly and on a clean surface with the right technique, and still havent got results, you are using the wrong cream.

Not all creams labeled as anti wrinkle are actually so. Read ingredients carefully. Does your cream contain Matrixyl 3000, Hyaluronic Acid, and Argireline?

If not, you are wasting time and money. This is because clinical studies have proved creams that contain the above three ingredients are the most effective anti aging formulas. The three ingredients are the cosmetic worlds most respected and potent ones for fighting aging signs.

A cream laced with these becomes a powerhouse of beauty and youth. Hydroxatone wrinkle cream is one such skin formula. Studies prove that Matrixyl 3000 reduces wrinkles by 44 per cent. It also works on deep wrinkles. This ingredient is an excellent collagen booster.

Scientists have proved the quality of Argireline to relax facial muscles that contribute to the smoothening of wrinkles. Hyaluronic Acid is a known natural hydrator. It plumps skin cells with adequate moisture so that your skin becomes perfectly hydrated and resumes its natural healing mechanism.

All ingredients are tested for efficacy and safety. Thats the reason reviews of Hydroxatone suggest an increasing popularity of this anti aging cream. It has emerged as one of the most trusted creams in the market today.

If your cream has failed you, worry not. The best cream for wrinkles is available online. Forget the swanky store and turn towards the humble internet. A complete skin care treasure lies here.
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