8 Biggest mistakes to be avoided during weight loss treatment


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When I am trying to lose weight, I have made several mistakes and I will be sharing 8 of these mistakes so that others will not repeat these same mistakes says MG Lee who shared this article purely for the benefit  of the people who are desperately tryin to lose their  over weight . Hopefully, this will eventually short-cut their weight loss progress and they will be thankful to me after reading this article.

My weight loss journey started about five years ago. During this period my body weights have been on yo-yo - going up and then down, and up and down again. I have basically tried most of the weight loss method that I know of. Sadly, all these methods I tried never work - the weight loss tips I gather from my friend and all the weight loss information I gathered from the internet, they never worked. This went on and on until six months ago when I registered to a workshop which helped me to change my perception about food. It was only till then that I realize all the mistakes I made while trying to shed those extra pounds. Below are the 8 biggest mistakes I made:-

1. Eating breakfast is no longer my priority
Many people have this wrong perception that if they eat less food, then they will lose more weight. Some even go to the extreme of skipping meals that are important for their body. By skipping these meals, they are depriving their body of all the energy and nutrients needed for the day.

Skipping breakfast is unfortunately the choice of most people. People choose not to eat breakfast because it is easy and because they don't feel hungry early in the morning. This is the greatest mistakes that people made in terms of weight loss diet. When you are not taking your breakfast, you will be more inclined to eat more during your morning break time; or you may eat more during the lunch time. By doing this, you will be putting on more weight without you knowing it. Remember, all the food and all the calories which you consumed during breakfast can be burnt off easily.

2. Eating one meal and skip the next meal

Sometimes I will indulge myself to eat a lot of food and then feel guilty about it. When this happens, I will skip the next meal. This is really a bad practise because if you purposely starve yourself, then you are most likely to consume more food in the evenings. Again, when you take a bigger proportion of food, you are going to get more weight.

3. Eating diet food for the wrong proportion

When I go shopping, it is my habit to buy healthy and low-fat food. This is a good habit but my intention of buying these foods are wrong. I bought these foods thinking that I could actually eat more. This is a totally wrong thinking. I was consuming these foods more than the normal portion as I thought that I could eat more since they are all "healthy foods." Healthy foods are just like normal foods - when you take them in large portion (exceed the normal portion), then you will also put on weight.

4. I think I will always be fat

If you are serious about losing weight and achieving your weight loss goal, then you have to renew your mind. Change your mindset and put on new thinking. There are times when you don't seem to be making any progress while trying to lose weight, don't give up! This is totally normal. You need to stay focus - focus on your weight loss target, stay positive and be happy.

5. Salads have become my main dish

I am not saying that eating salad is not good. In fact, eating salad is good as it will keep your calorie count down. It is a well known fact that salad contains less calories when compared to pizza. However, the question here is, will eating salad brings satisfaction to your eating appetite?

When I start to take more salads as my main meal, I don't feel full. In fact, I feel hungry all the time. This is because when you are taking salad as your main meal, your mind has not adjusted to that and hence will not bring you the satisfaction to "fill you up."
I observed that when I am taking salads as my main meals, I will always get extra food a few hours later. So, for a good diet, always consume a well balanced meal and add-in salad as one of the meals.

6. I will eat a lot during weekend before going on new diet on Monday

When I have learned a new way in losing weight, I will always start this new method on Monday. When I do that, I am creating an opportunity for me to take lots and lots of food during the weekend.
I am taking more food in the weekend as I know that come Monday, I will be able to shed those calories which I have put on. How wrong I am. Come Monday, the weight I've gained during the weekend stays with me as I have not done anything extra to shed those pounds.

7. I did not go to the gym

I did not go to the gym as I was too shy. I was worried about the way people staring at me. Well, you know that I am wrong because if you go to the gym today, you will always find someone who is fat. There is nothing to be ashamed of if you go the gym to work out. It is totally normal. In fact, joining a gym a good as you'll partner or friend to watch over you and guide you to lose more weight.

8. I have high goals to lose weight

Never ever set your goals too high. Start with smaller goals and when you achieved that goal, you will feel motivated to carry on. Then set your next small goal and continue to do this until you have reached your weight loss target.

So there you have it, those are the mistakes I made and hopefully you will not repeat the same mistakes.

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