6 Natural And Powerful Remedies For Eliminating Stretch Marks


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Stretch mark scars start out with a purple or dark red color but fade quickly to silver or white. They are much easier to treat before they fade and change color. There are a lot of natural stretch mark remedies that can be used to treat stretch mark scars holistically.

1. Anti Stretch Mark Lotions & Cremes: When discussing natural stretch mark remedies it is necessary to talk about the wide variety of holistic lotions, creams and oils that are available that can be used to help prevent stretch marks from developing as well as treat and get rid of existing stretch mark scars. Lotions for stretch marks can help the skin in different ways. Some lotions have natural proteins that make the skin more resistant to damage and help it repair itself.

Other creams have exfoliating characteristics and help to remove dead skin cells and scar tissue. Many of the lotions for stretch marks lubricate and hydrate the skin so it stays flexible and supple and is less liable to scar.

The best natural stretch mark remedies are lotions that can accomplish all of these beneficial results. One popular choice is the use of cocoa butter both as a preventative and as a treatment. The list of effective holistic creams is a long but includes such things as aloe vera, collagen, mink oil and elastin.

2. Slim Down: Stretch marks are caused, as we talked about earlier, by over stretching of the skin due to a rapid weight gain. Losing weight to return the body to its previous size is an effective way to remove stretch marks from the body. This method works particularly well for women that were pregnant and that have recently delivered their babies.

3. Eat Right: Eating a nutritious diet is a natural way to treat stretch marks holistically because a healthy body has healthy skin. The skin needs a wide range of minerals, nutrients and vitamins in order to stay supple and flexible. Foods that are good for the skin include whole grain products, cold water fish and fresh vegetables and fruits that contain large amounts of antioxidants and fatty acids.

4. Vitamins: It is important to make sure that the body is receiving all of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that it needs to keep the skin healthy. One way to do this is to take a wide range supplement every day. Some of the more important skin nutrients are the mineral zinc as well as the vitamins K, E, C and A.

5. Exercise: Stretch marks can be visually minimized and even removed by using exercises that focus on stretching techniques. These kinds of exercises work by breaking down and removing scar tissue built up in stretch marks.

6. Exfoliation: By removing a thin layer of skin through exfoliation you can reduce stretch marks and eventually get rid of them completely. As well as removing scar tissue the process of exfoliation cleans off detritus and dead skin cells so that the skin is healthier and breathes better. An applicator that is mildly abrasive should be used along with an effective natural cleanser to get the best results.Sean Saunders shared these remedies.

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