5 Quickie & healthy breakfast ideas


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To have a sumptuous breakfast is considered good for health. At the same time, not everyday can one devote the same time to prepare a healthy breakfast for the entire family.

There are easy and healthy recipes and breakfast ideas which can help us lead a healthy life. Just one needs to remember the funda of balanced diet in mind. Here's how:

1. Vegetable upma with sooji: If veggies such as cauliflower, potatoes, onions, green peas, French beans, carrots are included in the recipe, the breakfast with upma will make for a sumptuous one. Just make it a point to use as less oil as you can wihle making the upma. Upma can be accompanied with coconut chutney if you have enough time for preparation.

2. Omelet: Simple cheese omelet is easy to make and tastes yum apart from its wonderful nutritional value. A toast and a hot cup of coffee will go wonderful with the omelet.

3. Upma with oats: Less time consuming than upma made with sooji, upma with oats is very sustaining. Vegetable of your choice can also be added to the preparation.

4. Hard boiled eggs and toast: A sip of hot coffee or tea and a toast of bread and simple hard boiled eggs make for a healthy breakfast too. And not a time consuming process at all.

5. Poha: This one needs no introduction. Simple, not so elaborate preparation, poha cooked along with onions and potatoes is easy to prepare and is equally nourishing.
Navya Malini gave these quickie breakfast ideas.

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