5 Effortless Tips For Treating Acne


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Sometimes going to a party becomes a hassle. The beauty of the face seems scarred just because of acne. Being unable to put on makeup seems worst possible scenario.

Acne problem has now emerged as a common problem, victims of which are both teens and adults equally. This common skin disease called Acne vulgaris, is commonly characterized by pimples, black heads, white heads and red scales and in most extreme condition scars. These may take years to resolve and hence continued pimple treatment and other cures seem difficult. The good news is that research on acne has progressed greatly providing more treatment options than before.

TopNatural Acne Solutions:

There may be multiple acne solutions which will work wonders for your skin type however many won’t even make a slightest difference. This actually depends on the skin type you possess. Listed below are the topmost natural remedies to avoid or get rid of your skin acne.

    1.      Sandal wood soaps:

Sandal wood is loved by many for its sweet fragrance. Other than that sandalwood soaps have beauty benefits that are unmatchable. Sandal soap keeps skin supple and healthy. It cleanses skin making it soft and fresh without drying. These soaps are an integral part of Ayurvedic system of medicine and are produced in India. They have antiseptic benefits too.

    2.      Garlic:

This sulphur-based natural acne solution is a proven method to get rid of your acne almost instantaneously. Being quick and easily available, it is by far the most useful acne solutions that works from inside. Ingesting a large amount of it is how it works. The only negative aspect of it is that its large amount is to be consumed. Its natural antibiotic properties make it a natural remedy for many other diseases too.

    3.      Aloe Vera:

Being an ingredient of most of the skin preparations, Aloe Vera is a natural emollient and skin treatment for centuries. It works by reducing redness and swelling of the skin acne and make skin healthier, shinier and clearer. Just plant an Aloe Vera and see the results.

    4.      Lemon Juice:

Another acne treatment that is effective both internally and externally is freshly squeezed lemon juice. Besides clearing skin of acne, it improves complexion and lighten the scars.

    5.      Healthy Diet:

Besides other marketed Skin care product and natural treatments, a healthy and balanced diet itself is an effective acne treatment. Apart from proteins and healthy fats, vitamin B family and Omega-3 helps fight acne and provides you with a beautiful skin and healthy body, naturally.prashant kumar shared these tips.

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