Olive Oil for Dry Scalp Treatment


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A dry scalp is a bane to the woman who wants to keep her hair and scalp healthy. In the event that the condition of having a dry scalp persists despite using the very best conditioners and hair treatments, it may be time to check out a different method-it might be time to check out using olive oil.

Olive oil works to combat the dryness felt by the scalp primarily because it contains lots of Vitamin E. If you examine the hair care products that combat dryness, it's Vitamin E which allows them to give this benefit due to the super moisturizing effect.

One of the most basic items you should understand when treating a dry scalp is it and dandruff are not the same thing. So if you're using any form of dandruff treatment such as a special shampoo, stop. You're only going to make things worse on your own and your scalp. Dandruff is yellowish colored, and is clumpy and oily.

Shampoo the right way

Especially in the winter months, when the air is dry, make use of a shampoo and conditioner for dry scalps. It may also help to limit how often you shampoo. Too-frequent shampooing can strip the scalp of moisture from the natural oils. And use only a little shampoo each time. Using an excessive amount of makes it harder to rinse everything out - and any shampoo left out dries and flakes off.

Massage your scalp

This increases blood flow towards the scalp. It also helps clear any blocked pores, which can release the scalp’s natural oil. A scalp massage also loosens dead skin cells, which makes them easier to wash away.

Reject the heat

Too much heat around the scalp can irritate it and dry it, making it even flakier. Taking long showers which are hot, hot, hot can also add to the problem. The same goes for overusing blow-dryers and curling irons. Instead, shower with warm (not hot) water, and allow your hair dry naturally.

Make use of an oil treatment

Try one from your local drugstore or hair salon, or try olive oil - many people swear by it. Rub the oil to your scalp, wrap your hair in a towel and then leave it on for about 30 minutes. Then rinse the oil by helping cover their lukewarm water and shampoo.

Wear a hat in summer

Obtaining a sunburn on your scalp adds to its dryness. Cover your face with a hat when you’re under the sun.Robert John wrote this article.

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