Non-surgical Chin and Neck Fat Loss


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As you grow older your body undergoes various changes, some evident some not so evident. The changes on your skin are the most public and cause great anxiety to most women. The double chin for example is a very common complaint. With age, a certain sagging of your muscles is inevitable and with decreased activity the condition is worsened. Many women have sleepless nights about how to get rid of their double chin and sagging skin.

Fatty deposits in your platysma muscles (muscles which start from under your and extend into your neck and shoulders) can cause a double at any point in your life but with age it is inevitable to a certain degree. But as far as the nature of problem is concerned it is only cosmetic. It is a symptom of obesity only. But the hitch is that even if you exercise and diet rigorously, the fat on your chin will take the longest time to disappear. Any one irrespective of their gender can get a double chin. Sometimes a double chin can run in a family. One course one the most obvious ways you would think of to get rid of your double chin would be to get a surgery. But it is highly advisable to first explore the non-surgical chin and neck fat loss methods.

Before you start, you have to understand that this journey would not be easy and you have stay focused and be patient without being too hard on yourself. In the Chinese system of medicine, a double chin is seen as a sign of weak lymphatic system. There are a wide range of exercises that you are to try if you are going to give non-surgical chin and neck fat loss a shot.

The key is to exercise the platysma muscles. Neck revolving exercises, opening and closing your mouth wide, exercising your jaw even by chewing gum are all useful. Besides this, you have to pay extra attention to your posture. Irrespective of whether you are sitting or standing keep your back straight and don't let your chin droop. Then there are medical procedures like lipodissolve, mesotherapy, thermage, etc., which are all non-surgical chin and neck fat loss methods but they all have their all related risks and problems.

This said and done, the surgical option-liposuction, is the most effective. It is performed with local anesthesia. Talking exclusively in terms of your face, liposuction is used to correct problems like excessive fat in specific areas like the double chin. The procedure can be effectively combined with others like a facelift, as and when required. The layer of fat is cleanly removed and then the muscle is tightened again to restore a youthful look. But you need to keep the cost factor in mind. These surgeries are very expensive and if you are unlucky enough to get it botched then there is not much you can do.

So, if you are looking to get rid of a double chin it is recommended that you give the non-surgical chin and neck fat loss methods a try. Even though they might take time to show up they are definitely safer and cheaper.

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