How to Treat Sleep Bags Under Eyes


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Wanting to know how to treat sleep bags under the eyes is a common question asked by many as we get slowly older.

The skin under the eye is extremely sensitive and with a few bad habits, coupled with stress and a lack of sleep are what lead many of us to believe are the most common causes - but this isn't always the case.

Obviously drinking alcohol in excess can give you big black dark round circles which in later life may cause tension under the eye and effect the skin in the long term, and while like alcohol smoking can have a similar effect also contributing to dry flaky skin, these nasty habits however can be erased and a noticeable change can be seen in days just by eliminating some lifestyle changes.

Yet, those bags may still persist and you're left bemused as to why they're simply not reducing in size.

The answer lies for many in the way we position ourselves during sleep. This sensitive area of the eye has the capacity to swell up quite easily if you regularly go to sleep in a very flat or horizontal position each night.

While this is great for your back, the fluid which is retained in your eye during the daytime needs to drain away and refresh at night, but lying in this position restricts them draining properly and so the fluid which is mostly water remains trapped in this region and therefore causes them to swell and slowly develop a shadow.

How to treat these sleep bags under eyes?

1. For the more affluent and with some money to spare, a Botox injection which freezes the tissue in this region in order to tighten it is one option, or going under the scalpel to drain this area is an alternative, but both are costly and have their risks and require repeated treatment.

2. The alternative and less costly and safer way to treat sleep bags under the eyes is to use a skin tightener serum.

These work within approximately 2 minutes, and will last for up to a day, however repetitive use will provide long term positive results.

They contain a mixture of the new collagen formula which can now penetrate the skin and provide support to the epidermis - the out layer of the skin.

Essential Aloe is combined which draws water up from the lower layers and retains and traps the moisture there and Vitamin C, which is now used in a number of topical creams adding vitality to the skin while protecting the eye from harmful toxins and free radicals which our eyes have to contend with each day.

These latest formula's are by far the cheapest and are proving to be the most popular way on how to treat bags under eyes on a daily basis.

Eye-Secrets are one such product that deliver here in the form of an eye tightening serum and a gel patch which both work in minutes.Richard R Michaels  wrote this article.

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