How to reduce belly fat


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That all food plus for our need turns in our bodies into fat this fat have certain places to store some women are concentrated have fat in the bottom of the waist and some in the thighs and buttocks, making it likely to become obese at a faster rate than the upper part of the body and take the body then pear-shaped and some of women have fat concentrated in the top waist, chest and body then takes the form of an apple.

I often hear that obesity pear no fear and do not constitute a danger to the body As they are in apple obesity. And now you will learn why an apple obesity all this danger??

Fat in our body is divided into two parts 1-fat negative 2- fat active

Fat negative:-

Are those that do not have any role in the body only store fat and no fat under the skin.

The active fat:-

Are those seated in the deep in the abdomen around the intestines, kidneys, liver and pancreas. These very harmful fats in the body because they degrade and release fatty acids and harmful toxic hormonal body and therefore the most appropriate place to store fat in the body is the abdominal cavity because it is more spacious.

And therefore, the body begins to store fat so filled with guts and bring it out in the form of a large belly distasteful scene.

Active fat damage:

• Imbalance liver functions The toxic substances produced by abdominal fat liver are finding it extremely difficult to get rid of them to the detriment of long-term functioning

• Increased risk of heart disease Studies have shown that abdominal fat secretes types of proteins increase the thickness of the blood vessels which increases heart disease.

• High blood pressure The more your waist increased likelihood your risk of high blood pressure.

• Diabetes Deep abdominal fat hinder action Insulin lead any defect in his work to diabetes.

• Stroke • Osteoporosis • Dementia

U.S. study showed that the possibility of dementia increases in people with large rumen. Add to the long list of harmful substances produced by abdominal fat recently discovered that these harmful substances have a negative impact on women's bones where they reduce the rate of bone mineral.

Where does this come from toxins??? Ask why turn those fats to toxic substances hurt us and cause us diseases? The answer is simply the quality of our food is strange and wonderful, who became full of colorful material and manufacturer and chemical preservatives and saturated fat until it became big bellies characteristic of our times.

That our bodies do not know how to deal with these harmful substances and do not know where to go with it against instinct,that God created us their bodies turning into toxic fat.
Midway omani wrote this article.

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