How to Conceive a Girl- Pregnant Tips


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Is all you have been dreaming of pregnancy and cuddly pink baby stuff and beautiful curly eye lashes of a baby? Well, Congratulations then, it seems that you are pining for a girl baby! Gender selection methods and sex determination not withstanding, there is no surefire way of having a baby girl. If you want to go by natural methods, you can say that you can just increase your chances of conceiving a girl. Yes, there are theories and some methods which can elevate your chances of getting the 'XX' chromosome. In case you were interested in knowing how to conceive a girl, then the text coming up is totally for you!

Ways to Conceive a Girl

Most of the couples these days are opting for natural ways to conceive a girl, that is without artificial insemination and the like. By natural way I mean that trying things which can be easily and naturally done. A look at some of theories and methods which are believed to give couples a better chance of having a baby girl.

The Conception Basics
Be it a boy or a girl, knowing your menstruation cycle and ovulation is the first thing you will need to take a low down on. You will also need to know which is the best month to conceive a girl. Determination of the time of ovulation is the base of when can you think of conceiving and getting into the act for conceiving. The Dr. Shettles theory says that if you want to give an extra boost to your chances of getting a cuddly girl, have sex 2.5 to 3 days PRIOR to ovulation. The time of the intercourse too will be an influential factor in whether you have a boy or a girl. An easy way pick the exact time when you are ovulating is to keep a track of basal body temperature. That can be done with a basal thermometer. In addition to this, the consistency of a woman's cervical mucus too is an important factor and that too needs to be charted regularly for a moth before trying to conceive a girl. This is a very crucial aspect related to how to conceive a girl. Moreover, you can also use ovulation predictor kits to be extra sure of your ovulation dates. You also need to know that the girl sperm is slower, but it lasts longer, as compared to the boy, which travels faster but dies quickly.

Girls are Acidic!
No no! No offense meant here! All I want to say is a technical thing which alludes to the level of acidity in a woman's body. That acid level can also determine whether you will conceive a girl or not. The level of acidity in the vagina has a very important role to play to bring about the XX chromosome. An acidic ph will be conducive for the X sperm, instrumental for trying to conceive a girl. So keeping in mind this factor for elevating your chances of having a girl. One way to make sure that this happens is to have food items which will increase the ph level in your body. Some of these are corn, meat, beans, fish, plums, coffee, eggs and so on. Along with these, grapefruit, oranges, lemons and the like too will be helpful.

It is time to Get into the Act
One of the answers to how to conceive a girl are the specific sexual positions. The experts say that it it is okay to have shallow penetration (the missionary position) from the partners as then the sperm will be lodged closer to the entrance of the vagina, which is good for having a girl as that area is acidic than the vaginal area closer to the cervix. Another theory by Dr. Shettles is that when you want to have a girl, avoid having an orgasm during sex. The reason is that after an orgasm there is a production of a substance which makes the vagina alkaline, good for a boy.

Basically if you try and do these things and understand how to conceive a girl, it can turn the odds a bit in favor, but not completely. After all it is all a matter of chance! Nevertheless, these useful tips I guess are worth giving a shot at while getting the hang of how to get pregnant with a girl.

Tips for Conceiving a Girl

After a detailed description on how to conceive a girl it is time to wrap up things with a few quick tips. What say? Are you game?

    Stop having intercourse a couple of days prior to your peak day.
    Maintaining good health is essential and for that you may opt to have dietary supplements and over the counter medications.
    There is a theory or rather an urban legend that lovemaking if scheduled on even dates of the month, it can increase your chance to have a girl.
    They say that love making and sex done the woman's way - slow, romantic and planned, keeping the menstrual cycle in mind will further add to the probability of conceiving a girl.
    Having sexual intercourse 12 hours after ovulation is another of the theories for having a girl.Michael Luthers wrote this article.

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