Four Causes Of Back Pain


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Back pain can be one of the most uncomfortable things one can suffer from. It can make even regular tasks such as walking or bending a painful nightmare. Most people tend to go to their doctor hoping to get a prescription medicine that will make the pain go away. The problem with this approach is that the pill can only take away the symptoms, not the cause of the pain. For permanent treatment, one has to dig deeper and find the root cause of backache and remove it from the core.

A major cause for backpain is muscle imbalance. Basically, sometimes, muscles pull your body out of alignment. This causes the body to be bent out of posture and places a great deal of stress on the major bones and spine. Muscle imbalance occurs naturally in most people with age, although an injury and lack of exercise may aggravate it.

Muscle imbalance can be very easily treated once you identify the problem causing muscle group. A bit of physiotherapy coupled with exercise can go a long way in alleviating this symptom.
Stress is another major cause of backache. The spine is easily the most important bone group in the body. It literally is responsible for holding you upright. If you are stressed out constantly for long period, it can create tension buildup in the body, leading to pain, especially in the spine. Try and practice yoga and meditation and remove the cause of stress in your life to ease the symptoms of backpain.

Yet another cause for back ache is spinal compression. It is, in fact, one of the most common causes of this problem. Irregular posture or injuries can cause the spine to compress out of shape, placing excessive pressure on the discs that constitute it, causing them to herniate. You can get rid of this symptom by maintaining proper posture, physiotherapy, and exercise.

Finally, another reason for backpain is lack of nutrition, or an imbalance in nutrition. The body needs a daily supply of carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins, fats, and minerals to function properly. Lack (or even excess) of any of these nutrients can imbalances in the body. For instance, if you get too much calcium in your diet but lack adequate magnesium it can cause calcification of the bones. Therefore, try to eat a well balanced diet consisting of plenty of lean meats, carbs, vegetables and fruits. Also make sure that you drink plenty of water.John Newcomb wrote this article.

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