Effects in humans post stopped smoking


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Stop Smoking Effects There are plenty of things you can expect to happen when you stop smoking. One of the things which you can expect is for you to become irritable and easily angered. This comes about because you are probably used to using smoking as a way of relieving your daily stress and when that relief is taken away, the stress piles up on you. You see nicotine attaches itself to your brain and whenever you smoke it evokes feelings of pleasure which is why it is so addictive just like heroin and cocaine. Since you are used to getting that high from smoking, and you can no longer smoke the stress builds up and leads you to becoming more irritable. Another thing is the dopamine, the chemical which is released when you smoke, is not getting released as much as it was before you quit smoking. What this means is that your dopamine levels fall and this can lead to a depression.

This stop smoking effect is what makes it so hard for people to quit smoking but the alternative is much worse because the UN estimates that 50% of the people that are smoking right now will die from some tobacco related illness and in the United States, 20% of all deaths recorded are tobacco related. It is very hard to quit though and the UN also estimates that 95% of people who quit smoking, without using any kind of quit smoking aid, will relapse within the year and the 5% that do make it through the year have probably not been heavy smokers or have not been smoking for a long time.
Another stop smoking effect is that of weight gain. This has been misunderstood by a great number of people and some even use it as an excuse to not quit smoking. There are two reasons people gain weight when they stop smoking. One is that cigarette smoking suppressed the appetite which makes it easier to not eat as much food as you otherwise would. This means that you do not gain any weight because you are not eating a lot of food. When you do not smoke however, your appetite is not being suppressed and you are much more likely to eat more which would cause weight gain. Another reason why people gain weight is that people suffering from other stop smoking effects like depression and anxiety will normally turn to food for refuge. This food would normally be junk food which explains why the weight gain can be quite rapid. If you are disciplined and you eat as much as you were eating before you stop smoking, you will not gain any weight.

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