Easter recipe-Roast chicken with stuffing


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Here's how you can make this special dish on Easter


1.2 kg chicken (with skin)
Olive oil
Black pepper powder
Salt to taste

For cavity filling:

Sage leaves
2 limes
4 garlic pods


- Pat the outer layer of the chicken skin to dry it down

- Drying the skin is necessary for the chicken to get crispier

- After drying down the chicken skin, butterfly the chicken

- Butterflying refers to the process of taking out the backbone so that the chicken lays flat on the roasting pan and hence, cooks evenly and faster

- Take a pair of kitchen knives

- Pull the chicken by the tail and start cutting the ribs

Tip: You can save the back of the chicken to make stock lateron

- Press the chicken against the board to flatten it completely

- Start applying oil on the chicken

Tip: Instead of oil, you can also use butter and apply it over the skin or use compound butter to put inside the skin

- Massage the chicken well with olive oil. The massage will help make the chicken nice and crispy after roasting

Tip: Do not remove the skin of the chicken since the flavours are all there

- Flip the chicken over

- Sprinkle it with oil and continue massaging

- After massaging the chicken with oil, add salt and pepper

Tip: You can apply spices and aromatics as per your preference

- On a baking dish, put some rosemary, a few sage leaves, garlic and the limes

- Place the chicken on top of the ingredients

- The chicken is now ready to go into the oven

Tip: Make sure that the oven is pre-heated for the chicken to turn crispier

- Roast the chicken at 220 degrees for 30 minutes

- Take the chicken out of the oven and brush it with some more olive oil

- Send the chicken back into the oven for 20 minutes

- After taking it out again, rest the chicken for 10 minutes. The purpose of resting is to ensure that the meat becomes soft and tender

- From the roasted chicken, first cut the drumsticks out

- For better presentation, avoid cutting the chicken through the bones
- You can sprinkle pan juice on top of the roasted chicken pieces - Recipe courtesy: India Food Network - Times of India.

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