Do you want Strong, Glamorous Nails ? -8 Tried And Tested Tips


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Hands are one of the most essential parts of our body. Without them we cannot perform properly. Of course, our hands will not be complete without nails on it. That's why it is important to take care of our nails the same way we do with our hands. 

Just imagine a hand without nails. Scary, isn't it? To avoid losing your nails here are some tips on how to achieve healthy and glamorous nails.

1. Too short and too long nails are a big no-no. Nails that are too short look a bit odd and unattractive. While nails that are too long break easily which causes weakening of nails. Grow your nails to a considerable size.

2. Do not ever bite your nails. People who have this habit are only damaging their cuticles.

3. When doing any household chores like washing the dishes, cleaning the bathroom or gardening always wear gloves. Gloves will help protect your nails from breaking and getting weak.

4. Soaking your nails with hot oil can help strengthen your nails. However, do not do this everyday. You can do this three to four times a week. 20 minutes in hot oil should do the trick.
5. When filing your nails, do not use the metal ones as these can break your nails. Instead, use a wood nail file. These are inexpensive and will not cause any harm or damage to your nails. Just make sure you know the right way to this, because if not, you might do more harm than good.

6. Nail polish adds beauty and color, however too much of this can result in nail discoloration. Plus nail polish also makes nails brittle, causing them to break more easily. It would also be best if you let your nails rest from nail polish on a weekly basis. If you do not have an important occasion to attend, then don't use any nail polish. Your nails need to breathe from time to time.

7. Apply lotion or hand cream after taking a bath or washing your hands. Soap can dry both your hands and nails. Dry nails can be very fragile. Remember, it is not only your skin that needs to be moisturized but also your nails.

8. Eat properly. A proper diet not only leads to healthy nails but your whole body as well. Add more fruits and vegetables into your diet - the nutrients you get from them are essential to your nails. Your nails also need vitamins that you can only get from fruits and vegetables. This will keep you from getting nail diseases.

These 8 helpful and simple ways are given by
Paula Owen to help prevent your nails from breaking and becoming brittle. Remember that beautiful hands begin with healthy and strong nails.

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