Causes of Sinus Headache


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What is the cause of my sinus headache? This may be your question, if you are suffering from this condition. You may be wondering the cause of this problem. If the condition is as a result of sinus infection, you may be eager to know more about this problem. Sinus headaches can be mistaken as a migraine or tension headaches. But the symptoms of sinus headache differ from all these headaches. The condition is known to cause a severe and constant pain in the forehead or temple, on the bridge of the nose, the cheekbones areas and in few cases on one side of the top of the head. The pain intensifies when you move your head in a sudden manner.

Common Causes of Sinus Headache - things that can make you venerable to sinus headache attacks:

* When you swim or dive frequently. This can expose your body to cold.

* When you climb or fly to high altitudes.

* When there is a nasal swelling in the nasal channel, nasal or facial tumor, nasal bone spur, cleft palate or deviated septum (sometimes deviated septum may be congenital; a condition you have from birth. It causes complexity in breathing, headache sleep disorder or bloody nose).

* When you have experienced frequent reoccurring allergies like hay fever or asthma.

* Avoid environment like pollen, mold, cigarette smoke, strong odors such as heavy perfumes, and air pollutants that triggers or intensifies the frequency and severity of the problem.

* Another cause of this condition is respiratory tract infections

* If you have sinus headache, bending forward or lying down can worsen the condition. So avoid excessive movement.

* It can also be caused by allergic rhinitis; it is the inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nose, caused by a viral infection or an allergic reaction.

* It can also be caused by structural problems in the nasal cavities.

Foods That Causes Sinus Headache

This condition can be triggered by eating some types of food. If you are venerable to headache, these foods can even worsen the condition. Such foods are;

* The tyramine that is mostly found in aged cheeses. It is a natural substance that is produced when protein is disintegrated.
* Avoid any alcoholic drinks like beer, whiskey, champagne, and red wine etc. They accelerate the blood flow to the brain and may cause headache.Ezeigwe Divine Ifeanyi wrote this article.

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