Avoiding Financial And Mental Strain


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Many people are nowadays falling into debt due to the prevalent high cost of living. This causes unrest in the life of a person, hence making them discontent and miserable. One main area where one spends a lot of money on is the maintenance of a vehicle. Many people have vehicles that they use to drive to their jobs and other areas of interest. In order to avoid this financial responsibility, you can use public transport.

 It is cheaper. You do not have to pay for gas every time the tank is empty. The cost of gas compared to bus fare is expensive. So by taking the bus to work, every day, helps you save a lot of money. This can come in handy if you are on a tight budget. Plus you also get to exercise a little as you walk to the bust stop. This way, you end up being healthier than your colleague who drives to work from home, every day.

It is also an eco-friendly practice. Vehicles usually produce carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide through their exhaust system. This pollutes the environment, making the air more toxic and reducing the oxygen levels in the atmosphere. Moreover, it destroys the ozone layer, leading to global warming. So, the rate of environmental decadence increases with an increase in number of vehicles on the road. Taking the bus helps reduce this, since it reduces the number of vehicles on the road.

Using public transport also reduces congestion on the roads. When everyone is driving their own vehicles, there is usually a lot of jam. This is because there are too many vehicles. However, by taking the bus, you reduce the number of vehicles on the road since one bus can carry more than 30 passengers. This way you avoid the stress and inconvenience that comes with getting stuck in jams for hours on end.

On the social aspect, using public transport can help you unwind. You can talk to your fellow passengers on your way home or to work. It is better than sitting alone in your vehicle and pondering over the stress of your work and other misfortunes.

So, apart from saving money you also get to calm down. This way you reduce the financial stress and relax your mind a bit. You are able to live a more comfortable and sustaining life. Therefore, use this and other ways of how to find happiness in your life, so as to lead a fulfilling existence. John L. Steven wrote this article.

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