8 Successful Blackhead Treatment Systems


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It is very impossible to understand which blackhead treatment works so you may notice yourself prodding any blackhead or pimple that might crop up on your skin. You most of the time consciously or unconsciously, tend to touch your blackheads. However besides the standard beliefs, the reality is, gentle ejection of your blackheads can actually,in fact assist in lessening and preventing any extra impairment to your skin.

But with so many opinions out there, what blackhead cure should you implement? Here are 8 different methods to cure blackheads effectively:

Retinoid lotions:

A good way to remove blackheads and keeping your skin clear is to use a retinoid lotion such as Retin-A. This product gets the skin cells to operate normally, helping to lower the production of sebum and cleanse your pores. The only problem is that this blackhead treatment is a lengthy process.


To get rid of dead skin cells, an exfoliating product such as diluted benzoyl peroxide can be used. It is very helpful in getting rid of the worst blackheads, without harming the skin. Another blackhead remover is microdermabrasion.

Squeezing lightly:

It is possible to gently push the dirt out of a blackhead. In fact, this blackhead treatment works well to help clear up your skin too. It is true that pushing can aggravate your skin, but it is how you push the blackhead out. Being gentle is always recommended. Instead of pushing too hard on difficult blackheads, it is best to try another removal method.

Getting a chemical peel:

Another way to rapidly clear your skin from dead cells, is to use chemical peels containing glycolic acid or even some skin care products with salicylic acid. But if you have already used a retinoid cream, this could be a risky blackhead cure to try.


Another good cure is to start eating more healthily. To clear your acne, a good diet will help to slow down the production of sebum, while keeping your skin well hydrated. This can be done by simply avoiding saturated and hydrogenated fats, consuming more water and eating fresh fruits and veggies. Any carbohydrates and oils that have been heated should be avoided, while natural cold-pressed oils (like extra virgin olive oil) are great for this natural blackhead treatment.

Pore strips:
You can use blackhead strips which are tape like strips. Position the strip on your nose for ten minutes or as directed on the cover of the strip. And pull off. The outward blackheads will be productively gotten rid of. This is an effortless, fast and temporary measure to cure blackheads. Always study the advice on the pack exactly.

Metallic extractor:

A modern blackhead treatment is the metallic extractor. This device has a small, rounded end, that is placed over the blackhead to plug it out. This method should done carefully to avoid scarring.

Beauty products:
This is not really a cure, but more of a quick fix for when you need to cover up your acne. Just make sure you use non-comedogenic make-up that does not clog your pores. Also remember to completely remove makeup after sweating or before you go to bed. And keep your cosmetics applicators clean so that you never have to rely on any blackhead remover.

There is no doubt that using a number of these techniques will help cure your blackheads. But for a permanent blackhead treatment, you should incorporate some of these methods into your daily life.Jason Cartwright wrote this article.

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