Water Infections - A Risk for Women of All Ages


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According to survey reports, more than half of the total women get affected by urinary tract infections in their lives. After common cold and flu, the UTI is observed as the most common kind of infections in elderly women. Also, the kind of infection is more common in women than men and also there is the possibility of recurrences in females.

 There are a lot of aspects that should be known about water infections or UTI. With having proper information, one would be able to understand how the infection is a risk for women of all ages.


The structure of female urinary tract is also one of the major reasons behind the more risk of infection. The fact is that the size of urethra in women is smaller than in men. Furthermore, there are the chances for bacteria to enter into the urinary tract from the anal opening.

Sexual behaviour

Another risk of water infection is due to the recent or frequent sexual activity. As per experts, more than 80% of cases of infection in women occur within 24 hours of sexual intercourse. One fact to note here is that the infection cannot be transmitted through sex.

Generally, the act of intercourse itself increases the risk of infection but some factors are there that add more to the risk. The females who have sex for the first time are actually at the risk of honeymoon cystitis. Another factor that adds more to the risk is the sexual position of females. If women are at the top, it may contribute to the risk. Using any kind of contraceptive pills can also increase the risk of cystitis.


If during pregnancy a woman is suffering from cystitis, it can cause a lot of complications. The frequent urination is a common symptom of infection and this can cause pressure on bladder that can ultimately lead to serious pregnancy complications.


Among all, the most risky condition in women is the menopause. Due to estrogen loss during these years, the walls of the urinary tract gets thicker thus reduce its capability to resist bacteria. Also, the loss of estrogen reduces immune factors in the vagina and this situation help block Ecoli.

There are various other specific risk factors associated with the water infection. Individuals can go through different websites to get more detailed information related to the risks, symptoms and complete cure of urinary tract infection in women.

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