Look After Your Brain


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Many take the old brain for granted because you are not always aware of how well it is working for you. If you want to know how important that particular organ is then just look at how people who have suffered brain injury are doing. Many are in wheel chairs and some live their lives with their mouth fully open and their head unable to be controlled. They make animal like noises and are nothing more than vegetables. Look too at anyone suffering from Alzheimer's or some related disease and you quickly learn that looking after your brain is most important for your future.

To begin with your brain makes you aware of things like pain, pleasure, hunger, tiredness and so on. In other words everything related to feeling and survival. Reflexes are possible because of nerve conducting ability that transmits in a flash to help you avoid accidents, danger and other things that might affect you. The blinking of your eye is part of it, the working of your mouth and your extremities.

So why would you not want to treat it like the precious gift that it is?

Danger lurks in the things you do without thinking. The ride on a rapid descent machine at the local fare can bring about brain haemorrhage and/or bruising. The collision of your brain on the skull designed to protect it may cause bruising, and sudden stops will do the same. That means that thrill seeking people like bungee jumpers, skydivers and so on may be putting their brain at risk of damage. Even thrilling rides with adrenalin rushes are a warning.

People tend to allow young children to experience these thrills without a second thought about the consequences. No one appears to have tests to work out what effect they have but it may be in later life that the realities hit home.

Drugs, alcohol, tobacco and so forth also take their toll on the brain. Engaging in these drugs mean that you will have little control while in the stupor and, therefore, you are at risk of severe injury or death. Recovering alcoholics show signs of brain weakness due to the loss of neurons that occur when the brain is under the effect of these things.

Unless and until one has a brain injury or confronts someone who has been crippled by one then it is hard to alert people to the effects of the treatment most give it. Brain Matters spells out the problems and how to avoid them while Educating Young Minds is the way to go for your children-
By Norma Holt 

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