Kate Winslet's Best Films


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There are few actresses in cinema today that garner the kind of respect that British actress Kate Winslet does. She is one of the biggest film stars in the world. How did she gain such a status? Well it wasn't by taking the Megan Fox route of appearing scantily clad in a number of dumbed down Hollywood sequels. She did it by simply being one of the most skilled performers the silver screen has ever known and by working with some of the best directors in the business. Winslet has starred in several destined to be classics over the course of her career. Here are ten of them. 

She may not appear in a lot of this ensemble piece, but Winslet leaves an indelible mark as a doctor trying to counter a world health crisis. Everyone is phenomenal in this underrated Steven Soderbergh thriller, which does to handrails what "Jaws" did to the ocean.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Winslet gives her performance in this 2004 masterpiece about a couple that breaks up and decides to wipe the other person from memory using a controversial neurological procedure. It's only during the procedure that they realize that they don't want to lose the memories. This Michel Gondry film is as romantic as it is visually innovative.


Kenneth Branagh's epic adaptation of the Shakespeare classic featured many of the most well-trained British actors in recent memory. Yet it was the young Winslet who was best in show, playing the eternally tragic role of Ophelia.

Heavenly Creatures

Winslet's screen debut came in this magnificent tale about demented murderers. It was one hell of a breakthrough for her and for the film's director, Peter Jackson.


Playing the younger version of British writer Iris Murdoch, Winslet is positively winsome in this Richard Eyre gem. Judi Dench is equally excellent as the older Murdoch, who has slipped into the late stages of Alzheimer's disease.

Little Children

Winslet is phenomenal in this Todd Field wonder about a suburban town rocked by affairs and the relocation of a sex offender. In only his second film, Field shows a directorial confidence that many don't display after decades in the business.

The Reader

While it doesn't rank as the absolute best film of her career, it's hard to ignore the film Winslet finally won the Oscar for. She is, per the usual, astounding as an illiterate Nazi guard engaged in a scandalous relationship.

Revolutionary Road

The film may have failed to meet expectations, but those expectations were sky high due to a multitude of reasons. It's still a gutting and well-crafted tragedy about love lost in the suburbs, and it features dynamite performances from Winslet and co-star Leonardo Dicaprio.

Sense & Sensibility

In Ang Lee's fantastic adaptation of the iconic Jane Austen novel, Winslet plays Marianne Dashwood, a romantic lacking sense. Even though there have been several lauded films of its kind since, Lee's adaptation remains the best adaptation of an Austen novel yet.

Duh. It has attracted much criticism since it's release, but truthfully, James Cameron's "Titanic" is simply one of the greatest big blockbuster Hollywood romances of all time. This is in large part due to the palpable and fiery chemistry between stars Winslet and Leonardo Dicaprio-by
Zack Mandell

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