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Puffy eyes or periorbital puffiness which is swelling around the orbit or tissues of the eyes is caused mainly from the buildup of fluid in the skin under the eyes. Minor puffiness usually appears below the eyes, although sometimes they appear all around and is what is known as under eye bags. This type of transient puffiness is different from puffiness relating to age or the gradual increase in the amount of fat lying under the lower eyelids. This is often also referred to as eye bags.

Most persons will experience some degree of puffy eyes due to aging and inadequate sleep. The periorbital tissues appears more swollen after you just wake up due to gravitational redistribution of fluid in the horizontal position.

Other reasons for eye bags could be genetics, over sleeping, retention of fluid, too much salt in your diet, alcohol and tobacco use.

The toxins in alcohol and cigarettes can lead to hormonal changes, stress and fatigue. All these instances can cause the retention of fluid causing swelling around the eyes.

Allergy: Reaction to any allergy can cause leakage of the capillaries and the lymphatic nodes which can lead to swelling under the eyes.

Aging Process: As you age the skin around the eyes become thinner which can cause swelling or drooping. Also gradual permanent increase in the size of the fatty tissues accompanied with weakening musculature also helps with the distention of the lower eye lids.

Though puffy eyes are only a temporary cosmetic hindrance, it does make you look tired and does take away from your overall appearance. Getting rid of them is your major concern. This is where the Xtend life eye contour serum plays in important role due to its ability to increase collagen and elastin and especially because of the natural and active ingredients it contains.

Its ability to address the main causes of under eye bags makes it stand out from among the many eye bag treatments that are available today.

When shopping for any eye bag remover make sure it can live up to its promises but most importantly make sure it contain all the natural ingredients which will make it effective.Ingrid Palmer wrote  this article.  

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